Scrum & Kanban

Considering both methods for your project management is a smart idea and the one that will probably determine the success of your project. So why not delve a little deeper into the characteristics of Scrum and Kanban to get a better perspective? Learn where Kanban and Scrum stand together and how to safely mix them to achieve best results.

Kanban vs Scrum: How to Make the Most of Both

by Henrik Kniberg & Mattias Skarin

This insightful book begins by stating the basic characteristics, differences and relations between Kanban and Scrum. It explains how Scrum teams work in time iterations, focusing on small tasks created from larger jobs, set on a WIP limit for the entire Sprint (iteration). In comparison, Kanban places importance on visualization of the workflow and limiting the WIP for any given time (number of tasks per team member or per team).

What is Best: Scrum or Kanban?

by Tomas Björkholm

In his great article, Tomas Björkholm provides reasons for choosing Scrum and then for doing Kanban, as he puts himself in the position of a fan of each of these methodologies, giving objective reasons for liking or disliking any of them.

A Productivity Comparison of Kanban and Scrum

by Charles Suscheck

Charles Suscheck has compared the productivity levels of a Scrum and Kanban approach to process management via an experiment that he and his team had undertaken. Find out what were the factors that led to a 300% productivity increase.

Converting a Scrum Team to Kanban

by Mattias Skarin

Mattias Skarin presents a great Kanban use case, showing how a Scrum team had adapted to doing Kanban in order to get out of a lot of overtime, low delivery rate and low quality related trouble. The study examines - step by step - the process of applying Kanban to a Scrum team, together with the results.

Scrum vs. Kanban - When Is Which More Suitable?

by Matthias Marschall

All around the world the Agile methodologies are making organizations more efficient. However, it can be difficult to choose the method that is perfect for your situation and will help you achieve outstanding results.
Matthias Marschall is looking for the most relevant circumstances for applying Kanban and for Scrum, taking into consideration the current process nature and the size of the actual need of change.

Kanban Applied to Scrum

by Clinton Wivell

Watch this short movie, that presents how to transform good results into excellent ones, by applying basic principles of Kanban to an existing Scrum process. In this animation, you will learn - among others - how to improve your team performance by setting up work-in-progress limits and designing a Kanban-like board.

Kanban vs Scrum: Presentation

by Mikalai Alimenkou

In this presentation you will find a brief summary of the main principles of Kanban and Scrum, along with the extensive comparison of these methods. The most interesting differences concerning the prescriptive level, tasks flow and project cadence, are presented in the form of simple schemes. On the last slides the author sums up pivotal similarities and differences between Scrum and Kanban.

Why We Dropped Scrum for Kanban Just Before Launch

by Brendan Marsh

Brendan Marsh has a long experience in managing digital projects. In recent years, he has used his skills to innovate new products. He is an avid believer in the Lean Startup movement, passionate about Agile and Scrum. Recently, his attention was drawn to Kanban. Here, he described why he decided to give up Scrum for Kanban and what results he got.