Case Studies

Case studies provide deep insight into real-world examples of how Kanban has helped companies around the globe visualize and improve their operations. From small companies to large multinational corporations, each time Kanban was introduced, a substantial rise in productivity was also reported.

Kanban for Short Intense Projects

by Matthew Moran

Hiring the best talent is crucial to your business success. But if your team is too small to have a dedicated HR department, you need to involve your current staff to do it. Keeping track of all candidates, collecting and organizing documents, interviewing, employment testing, background and reference checks can be organized in a visual way to give you better insight in a whole process.
If you want to significantly improve your recruitment process and make it much less painful for team members involved in it – why not try Kanban to aid you in it?

Scrum & Kanban for Social Games

by Sönke Bullerdiek

After a few months since Wooga started using Scrum for improving game development process, it occurred that it was not an ideal solution and major problems appeared. Wooga was looking for a way to keep a balance between process flexibility and stability.
The case study shows the improvements that the company has made in terms of gaining greater process flexibility, visibility and transparency.

Networked Kanban

by Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen Appelo has had some difficulty in applying Kanban to his team projects, as he wasn’t able to see how it could fit in with the way they go about their work. This problem stemmed from the facts that his team works in stages that are non sequential, that the work items are not coherent and that the team is distributed and cannot co-work round one Kanban board. Find out his solution to these problem - a networked Kanban.

Kanban for a Purchasing and Import Department

by Christian Gut

Kanban was originally used for stock management in industrial production, but in the recent decade got adopted first to software development processes, and later to any kind of business process. Here, we’ll learn of a Kanban example in a purchasing and import department, where it’s proven just as successful.

Bringing Kanban into Marketing

by Frank Schlesinger

Here is a great use case of Kanban applied to a marketing team, brought in specifically to improve process transparency. Find out how easy it is to implement Kanban and how great the results can be.

Kanban Boards for Employee Performance Reviews

by Shirly Ronen-Harel

If you ever dreaded completing an annual employee review, knowing that a year is too long a time to keep relevant score of their performance, feeling tired just at the thought of the endless points of a questionnaire – imagine injecting a bit of Agile into the procedure!