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10 Kanban Boards and their Context

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Our summary and key takeaways

Looking to implement a Kanban board in development, operations or marketing and sales but you do not know where to start? Mattias Skarin has prepared a handy ebook with a set of over 10 examples of Kanban boards with their contexts, class of service and lists of pros and cons. The author has also added some of useful tips and guidelines, and all in a visual way.

This is the perfect guide to set your first advanced Kanban board. Use it as the starting point or inspiration if you are managing a team or if you are a team member of:

  • Scrum team applying WIP limits
  • Development team using defined process
  • Development team with multiple clients
  • Development team with completion prediction
  • Multi tier Kanban with swimlanes
  • System administration
  • Operations - business process maintenance
  • First line support
  • Second line support
  • Sales team - respond to RFP
  • Sales team - from lead to purchase
  • Marketing team.

These boards are ready to be used and perfect for those who want to start using Kanban board immediately.

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