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Why Limit WIP: We are Drowning in Work

originally written by Jim Benson
  • Number of pages: 142
  • Publisher: Modus Cooperandi, Inc
  • Publication date:

In this book Jim Benson clarifies the significant role of work-in-progress limits in obtaining higher productivity and better results. He states that it isn't a good practice to try to do more and more at any costs. Instead, he thinks that it is far more reasonable to start less and finish more. In next few chapters he prescribes techniques that can help to overcome a crisis of WIP on a personal and business level. Ideas that he presents are based on his own experiences of implementing successful transformation in performance of organizations. Furthermore, he explains the ambiguities related to patterns for behavior to limit WIP such as who, when and how should set realistic but ambitious WIP limits.

The author highlights that setting work-in-progress limits naturally results in eliminating unnecessary work. Moreover, it helps to reduce distractions over stimulation and interruptions.

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