Top 7 Changes in Kanban Tool09 Jan 2013

We have been working working really hard to provide the best Kanban application for teams and businesses and last year was really busy for us. During that time we have released a bunch of new features and improvements. To help you get to know the best of them, we have created a list of top 7 changes in Kanban Tool in 2012.

  • Kanban Boards Redesign
    We have changed the look and feel of Kanban Tool. New design has lighter and more delicate colors to let you focus on what is most important.
  • File Attachments
    You can now easily attach and share images, videos, documents and whatever you want with your team members. File attachments are available on the Unlimited plan only.
  • Adding Tasks From Email
    This feature is perfect if you use many devices and want to quickly add new tasks to your board.
  • Moving Tasks Between Boards
    Monitoring large process on single board can be hard. But since Kanban Tool allows you to move tasks between boards you can use as many boards as you need and just move tasks between them. You can also copy and move tasks within one board using the "Move to" option from card dropdown menu.
  • Kanban Library
    We gathered and carefully selected links to the best Kanban and Scrum resources from leaders, experts and brightest minds in the Kanban sphere. It is definitely the first place to visit if you want to develop knowledge on visual project management, Kanban and Scrum.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    Keyboard shortcuts makes working with Kanban Tool even faster. Just hit "N" to create a new task or Ctrl+Enter to save and close opened card. Check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts for even more.
  • Column and Swimlane Policies
    With column and swimlane policies you do not need to train people before they start working with Kanban board. You can write a column or swimlane policy that describes the rules and how to use it.

We have also made many improvements to make Kanban Tool even better. Boards work much faster and support mobile devices. You can fully customize them with collapsible columns, subcolumns and swimlanes. Each card has a separate URL for easier sharing. You can also get more insight into the process with improved reports and charts on Analytics page.

Kanban Tool was doing also very well in terms of security and reliability. Our uptime for 2012 was 99,98%. Only 2 times during this year our tool was down for longer than 15 minutes. As always, all major updates were made during the weekends only, to let you work without any interruptions.

We want to thank you very, very much for all your love and support. We received tons of emails from you with really valuable feedback and suggestions on how to make Kanban Tool even better. We are really proud to have far the best customers and users in the world! We promise to work even harder in 2013 to provide the very best service possible! We hope that you share our vision of Kanban Tool and like the changes we have made. As always, feel free to send us your feedback. We really love to hear your comments and suggestions.

You might expect important changes in Kanban Tool in the first and second quarter of 2013.
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Kanban Tool Team

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