Keyboard shortcuts and improvements in Kanban analytics22 Aug 2012

Over the weekend we have successfully released some new features. Now you can work faster and save your time by using keyboard shortcuts on Kanban Board view.

Try out following shortcuts:

  • N for adding new tasks
  • Ctrl + Enter for saving and closing existing task or for creating and closing new tasks
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter for saving changes to the existing Kanban card or for creating and adding next new task
  • Esc for closing card without saving
  • Ctrl or Shift + arrow (up or down) for navigating between swimlanes
  • Ctrl + number (from 1 to 9) for navigating between swimlanes, eg. Ctrl + 2 scrolls to the second swimlane

Understanding the meaning of Kanban metrics is a key for analyzing your workflow and improving your performance. To make Kanban charts and diagrams easier to understand we have added short help for each of them with a link to more resources directing to the Kanban Library. Furthermore, you can now mark a column as Backlog/Inventory, In Progress, Waiting or Done to generate even more insightful reports.

Another enhancement is easier way of collapsing columns when you are working with large boards. You can now always collapse or expand column by clicking on it's label. Additionally, you can now move cards to collapsed columns by dragging them over and holding until the column expands.

Finally, we have added description field to workflow stages and swimlanes which you can use to describe the lane policy or just to put some notes in.

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

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