Moving tasks between boards and other improvements09 Oct 2012

For those who manage multiple projects, we have added an option to move tasks between boards. To access this feature, open popup menu for card you want to move and choose „Move to” from the list. Then, specify where the card should be moved, choosing target board, workflow stage and swimlane:

Moving tasks between kanban boards

After the grace period, support for attachments is now enabled by default for all Unlimited plan subscribers. As a bonus, we have added image attachments preview:

Image attachments preview

Another feature we have added is the new keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F enables you to quickly toggle between normal and full-screen card description view.

And that's not all - we have managed to significantly shorten the board loading time, so even large boards should load fast now.

We hope that all these improvements will positively affect your work. Should you have any questions or suggestions about them, please let us know by sending feedback.

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