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Kanban Tool powers over 25,000 small and large businesses.
These are just a few of Kanban Tool's happy customers:

Kanban Tool customers

  • "A fabulous tool for real-time collaboration and task management. Easy to learn & use for everyone."

    - Tim

  • "Kanban Tool has worked wonders for our company... overall productivity increased over 50%!"

    - Paul Davis

  • "KanbanTool has revolutionised communication for us. Team members are communicating in real time a lot more; everyone is focusing on bottlenecks; devs are collaborating with testers better."

    - Sarah

  • "Definitely the best collaborative visual project management software for Scrum and Kanban I have ever used."

    - Thomas Wilson

  • "48% improvement in time-to-market and significant increase in software quality - the results speak for themselves."

    - Mark Schmidt

  • "The good thing about [kanban board] is that I find it really quick to make updates, track progress, see at a glance the status of projects and roadmaps and see really quickly where the issues are."

    - Alison Pope

  • "As a project manager with Kanban software I always know what actually is going on with my project, what problems need to be solved and what my team is working on."

    - Christopher Harris

Improve your results with Kanban application

Use Kanban boards and cards to manage your workflow visually. Share tasks, notes & comments to communicate with your team. Start improving your team performance by analyzing Kanban charts to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

Why Kanban?

The word Kanban originates from Japanese and means "a signboard". Kanban is a manufacturing method that allowed companies like Toyota to outperform their competitors and gain immense growth. The principles behind it are very simple. We have taken them, applied to task management and created the Kanban application that can help your company to achieve significantly better results.

Why choose Kanban Tool?

Our web based or on-site Kanban application helps you manage tasks and projects with customizable boards and virtual cards. Kanban Tool has a drag & drop interface - it is easy to learn and use for everyone. Communicate and collaborate in real-time anywhere, by sharing tasks, checklists, documents, and comments.

What is Kanban application?

Kanban application is a software for visual process management that helps teams to work more efficiently, visualize workflow, analyze and improve business processes in line with the Kanban method.

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How much does it cost?

Kanban Tool offers a flexible and affordable pricing that lets you scale as your business grows. Also, we provide special discounts for non-profit and educational organizations. Everyone will find a good fit.

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Mobile apps for iOS & Android

Discover new level of enterprise collaboration capabilities in one solution. Securely access your vital enterprise data and collaborate anywhere on any device.

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