Kanban Tool & ChromecastCast your Kanban board on any TV using Chromecast


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Use Kanban Cast with Kanban Tool

Display your Kanban board on any Chromecast enabled TV and create a perfect information radiator for your team.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a streaming device, that works when plugged into a tv's HDMI port. It will mirror the screen of the particular device that it was plugged into. Therefore you can use it to share the view of your Kanban Tool board on a big TV screen and make it perfectly visible to all team members.

Chromecast for Kanban Tool

How set up Chromecast integration?

First off all, you need to get a Chromecast device, or a TV set with a casting receiver built-in. Then, log in to your Kanban Tool account using the Chrome browser. Enable the Kanban Cast Power-Up by clicking on a Kanban Cast icon in the upper-right corner of your board, choose the receiving device and adjust displaying options. It's ready for use! If you need assistance, check out a detailed instruction on How to use Kanban Cast with Kanban Tool.

Kanban Cast

3 reasons for using Kanban Cast

Kanban Cast makes Kanban Tool even closer to the orginal Kanban white board idea, combining the Kanban simplicity with the power of a web based application. Furthermore, it boosts team work by: increasing workflow transparency, facilitating morning stand-ups and other team meetings and building trust between a company and its customers who can instantly see the project progress anytime and anywhere.