Improve your Work with a Kanban Calendar!14 Jan 2015

improve your work with a Kanban calendar

Kanban is a very simple project management method, built on visualization of the process and limitation of the work in progress. It's popular to set the workflow in such a way that the visibility of tasks will be clearly aligned with a calendar view.

A calendar driven Kanban board

From Kanban Tool available templates you can pick a time-driven Kanban board, which will allow you to plan the work in a way that utilizes the coming days of the week. You can just as well adapt this template to reflect the full week's shape and plan your work accordingly.

Kanban calendar

The Kanban Tool calendar widget

Alternatively, you can just stick the basic Kanban rule, which is splitting the workflow into three columns: a backlog, an in progress column and a finished one. But to stay on top of delivery dates and all your time-restricted obligations, simply apply a due date to all the tasks that you put onto the board. When the due date approaches - you will see it highlighted in the Kanban calendar widget on the right hand side of the board view. And on the day of the planned task completion you will get a distinct visual sign that a particular task needs attention - impossible to miss now!

Kanban Tool calendar

Special events planning

There are occasions and business models, when an even more direct approach to a Kanban calendar is acceptable. Special occasions, like Christmas or holidays (or working in an event planning business), may get you to plan the upcoming events even more calendar-like as far as their concept is concerned. What is left to do then is to plan your actions in detail, still apply a WIP limit and hope that you can get all things done within a planned period of time. And if not - you can just swipe the unperformed task (with all information attached to it) into another day.

Choose your favourite way

Whichever way - whether the more Kanban-true or the Calendar-driven you prefer, Kanban Tool will allow you to get the best results possible. With online attachments, Time Tracking, comments, checklists, unlimited access, complete flexibility, email notifications, popular file hosting services integration and more - Kanban Tool will make your plans get realized in their full shape, extend, with tremendous effectiveness and on time.

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