Adding tasks with Siri on iOS devices21 Oct 2013

Siri is the iOS voice-controlled assistant that lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, search Google and much more.

Now, you can use Siri on iOS devices to add tasks to your Kanban Tool board! It's possible thanks to the add tasks via email feature. Each Kanban Tool board has it's own unique email address. Sending emails at this address will add tasks to your board.

To add tasks to your Kanban board via Siri, simply follow this three-step instruction.

Step 1: Add your board address (read how to generate email address that will be directly assigned to your Kanban board) to your address book, for example as „Kanban board”.

Step 2: Tell Siri to send an email using the following command:
„Send email to [recipient] about [subject] and say [email body].”

For example, to add a task to the board Kanban board with the task name Prepare a presentation and with a task description New product presentation tell Siri to:

"Send email to Kanban board about open square bracket Prepare a presentation close square bracket and say New product presentation".

Step 3: Say „Yes” to finally send the email and to add the task to your Kanban Tool board. It's done!

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