Web Design and Development using Kanban

Customer story

Flashpoint Web Design

Industry: Web design

Use case: Web development management

Organization: Flashpoint

Favorite feature: Card colors

Flashpoint, a company located in Netherlands, prides itself with providing the best webdesign and development services. Customer happiness is the core element of their culture. To achieve it they need to deliver complete products in a timely manner.

Read an interview with Rik Mols on how they applied Kanban to improve their performance, deliver their Web projects faster and ultimately drive their customers satisfaction.

What is Flashpoint about?

We’re a Full service web company based in Tilburg, the Netherlands and started in 2000. We specialize in business focused webdesign and development, both in corporate websites and (b2b) webshops.

What are you using Kanban Tool for?

Every bit of work excluding the big projects which are all within our Project management system (5PM). Every other bit of work provided by customers goes through Kanban.

Could you describe your work flow?

Besides Kanban we’re using a ticket system “Freshdesk”. Our customer use that to post new work, wishes and bugs. We’ve built an API which talks between Freshdesk and Kanban, so every ticket is a new card in Kanban within 5 minutes (included with company name, ticket creator, color, priority, link to ticket system, etc).

What is your board structure?

We’re using 5 different columns that all represent something.

  • Open work - New tickets arrive in this column;
  • Work in progress - Tickets assigned to colleague will automatically enter this column;
  • Waiting on customer - Tickets we already replied on will enter this column until closed/completed and are then forwarded to the Completed column;
  • Offers to customer - Tickets with status “Price offer” will automatically enter this column until customer responds;
  • Completed - Completed/closed tickets will be in this column which we archive every Friday at 5PM.
Web design Kanban board

Have you made any adjustments to improve your performance?

Before we used Kanban / Freshdesk we all had our own customers and e-mail inbox, there was no clear overview of what others had to do. Now with Freshdesk / Kanban there’s 1 big screen at the office which provides a perfect view of what we have to do as a whole.

Are there any favourite features you have in Kanban Tool?

As simple as it is but we definitely value the color options very high, this provides so much information when you look at it for only 1 second.

What are the most important benefits of using Kanban Tool for you?

Our workflow has definitely improved, we’re completing tasks much faster and our ‘Completed' column gives us the satisfaction when the whole board is Green on Friday. ;-)