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Whether you're new to the remote collaboration scene or it's your default mode of operating, and regardless of if this is a temporary or permanent measure, working away from your team comes with a host of challenges attached to it. Communication difficulties, shared documents flow, team planning, and resolving problems, to name a few. What's the best approach to take here? Consider using intuitive online project boards software, which will, quite literally, put everyone on the same page.

How will you increase team productivity with online collaboration boards?

  • Savings in communication time and effort: Work together in real-time
  • Process visualization for better understanding: Plan and monitor the workflow using a highly visual approach
  • Single information source: Share information, documents, and comments within one, shared team space
  • Automatically generated metrics to drive improvements: See the results and identify ways to improve with Analytics

Higher visibility for better information intake

Kanban Tool is a web-based remote team management software. It will help you gain maximum work visibility by planning out tasks and projects on Kanban boards accessible to the team from wherever they are. With Kanban Tool, your remote team will know what they have to do and when it needs completing by. You can highlight crucial tasks using card colors, sizes, priorities, and much more. Assigning tasks to team members, creating to-do lists, and including attachments with jobs will improve the speed with which you're getting things done.

Easier collaboration through process transparency

Allow your team to work collaboratively in real-time, give them a shared overview of the entire process. Seeing how one's work fits into the rest of the puzzle can improve the work quality and increase the team's sense of task ownership. Organize tasks on a visual board, monitor project progress, and keep everyone informed with Kanban Tool. Not only will your team be able to share projects, tasks, documents, and comments, they can also use email notifications for task assignments and comments to stay up-to-date.

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Tips for working from home

Even once you've perfectly organized your workflow on a shared Kanban board, you still need to remain vigilant, not to fall into the common work-from-home trap.

  • Try to get the team to keep regular working hours, get them to utilize the power of habits and the mind's association of the time of day and that time's preferred activity.
  • Recommend your team members to find a spot at their home or the shared workspace that they'll be logging in from, which allows them to focus on work, is free of audiovisual distractions. Unless they're highly flexible and easily concentrating kind of people, it may be best if they stick to the same place every day. A routine in time and place helps to maintain good focus levels.
  • Advocate regular breaks so that people sitting alone in front of their computer screens don't get carried away and stay like that for hours on end, motionless and zoned-out.
  • Inadvertently, some of the team will be working from home populated by roommates or family. It may be good to advise the team to take a moment to make the family members aware of their working hours and ask them to respect this time as their office time.

Control, customization, and continuous improvement

Kanban Tool gives you insight into the work of your whole remote team. Whatever their process looks like, you can translate it to your board shape and settings, using customizable columns, swimlanes (rows), card templates, and types. Optional features such as recurring tasks or task dependencies and custom process automation will help you further optimize the flow of jobs and board actions. You can also time precisely how long each task takes to complete or how much time each team member spent on it.

By tracking the workflow visually and using cycle time reports and cumulative flow diagrams, you will identify and eliminate problems as and when they occur. With that, you'll learn more about how the team works and will be able to implement improvements to avoid generating waste in the future.

The beauty of displaying your workflow in a shared virtual space is that once you set it up, each team member will be able to find their assignments and track their work independently. That means less work for the manager, more power to the team, and faster project completion – all at once!

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