Kanban Tool integrates with JIRA. Meet Kanbanira.28 Mar 2013

Today we have something special for Kanban Tool and Atlassian JIRA® users! We have successfully launched a Google Chrome Extension called Kanbanira. Now you can connect tasks in Kanban Tool with issues in JIRA®. It's a simple but powerful integration allowing you to gain the most benefit from the both tools. All you need to start is visit Kanbanira page on Google Web Store and watch a video on how to integrate Kanban Tool with Atlassian JIRA® using Kanbanira. Then, add Kanbanira to Chrome and enjoy new possibilities.

We have also improved and refreshed the design of Kanban Tool charts. You can easily customize Cumulative Flow by clicking on items in the legend. Take pleasure form operating with nice-looking diagrams and graphs and simplify the workflow analysis by using new features.

Kanban Cumulative Flow Diagram

That's not all! We have added a „take a screenshot” button to a board „tools” menu. This feature allows you to quickly save and print your entire board. Unfortunately, this option is not available for the users of Internet Explorer 8 (or lower editions).

If you have any suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know in your feedback. All opinions are appreciated.

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