Apiant & Kanban Tool IntegrationEasily build automated tasks using your favorite web services.


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Integrate Apiant with Kanban Tool

Apiant hooks Kanban Tool up with thousands web services that make your life and work easier.

How to start with Apiant?

Apiant is an online service that allows to easily create automated tasks for popular web services.

Simply, choose online applications you like and link them - select a trigger and an action you want to combine. Hey, you can use multiple triggers and actions per task, as well as location-based triggers defined on maps! Once you have made your decision about which services to use, complete the settings. For example, in case of Kanban Tool a trigger could be that a new card has been moved to a specified swimlane. On the other hand, an action could be to create a new task.


Remember to decide about the card title and description.



Apiant provides wide range of useful applications for billing, email marketing, CRM, communication, e-commerce, lifestyle and lot more. If you are a stock market player, you can consider to use a Stocks service together with Kanban Tool.

First, you should specify when the Kanban card should be created on your board when a price drops below or rises above a certain value. Next, define the price limit and choose the stocks ticker symbol. Furthermore, you should pick where the card should occur and how it should look like. See the example below.

Apiant integration with kanban tool

Apiant and Kanban Tool integration is a perfect solution for everyone, who uses many web services and who wants to finally manage and keep all important notifications and alerts in one, easily accessible place.