Kanban Tool & truDigital Signage IntegrationDisplay your Kanban board on your office screen with truDigital Signage

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Integrate truDigital Signage
with Kanban Tool

Display your Kanban boards on the office screens to keep the team up to date on all the proceedings.

Display your Kanban Boards

Empower your productivity with Kanban Tool boards for your business and display them in your office with truDigital Signage for better communication among the team.

What is truDigital Signage?

Thanks to the truDigital Signage device, you can prepare a changing information display of applications used by the team along with chosen information packages, such as stock exchange rates, social media feeds or weather.

Getting your Kanban Tool board to be displayed works as an information radiator, making all of the team members aware of the current workflow state. This way the team easily stays up to date on all the business proceedings.

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