Card blocking and other goodies from KanbanTool21 Feb 2013

Does it often happen to you that you can't finish your work due to circumstances that are beyond your control? Do you face the lack of information, equipment or decision making power that makes it impossible to move forward? Now you can inform other team members about your problem by simply blocking a card on a Kanban board. Click left mouse button on a card, choose "Block task", describe why you want to block it and confirm the action. You will not be able to move the card until you unlock it.

Card blocking on Kanban board

Secondly, we have improved the search box. Search result for card titles, card types, tags etc. also include tasks located in collapsed columns. If collapsed column contains the task that matches search query, information about it will be displayed in the form of blue box.

Finally, it is very common that people use card "Description" field as a place where they can write down ideas and important information. They copy and paste pieces of text from multiple documents, web sites or emails to keep everything in one place. As a result, a mixture of styles and sizes of text is blended together and information on the card becomes unreadable. To make the text look equal you can select text area and click on "Remove Formatting" button.

Remove formatting from kanban card description

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to improve KanbanTool, please feel free to send us your feedback. It is always appreciated.

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