YES to Some Procrastination!05 Jul 2016

Once your team labels you a procrastinator, there seems to be no way out, nor a good way to regain your face as a productive worker. But truthfully, we cannot all be masters of concentration and determination - can we?
Let's consider the positive sides of always putting things off for another day.

YES to Some Procrastination


A portion of all work loses validity after a while - it may be that the time that would have been spent on it would had been a waste! Yay for big delayers, in this case.


Because of the constant need to do things later, procrastinators tend to find the easiest solutions to most problems they put their minds to. Definitely a useful procrastination's property - provided, that you can get the person in question to actually come up with their plan!


Procrastinators are highly likely to always be up to date on all latest technologies and news - they do need to fill their workdays with something, don't they?! Morally questionable for their colleagues, but at times this is what makes the procrastinator shine.


Once someone has been delaying something for quite a while, the moment they absolutely have to do it, there is a high chance that they'll know exactly what to do and how exactly to do it. We've all seen this happen - lots of energy, concentration, (panic!) and brilliant efficiency.
Whether the end result took more or less work done in total, that if it had been done the normal, day-to-day way, is another story altogether.

...but, keep in mind:

Though there are ways to make it seem harmless and positive, always going for a delay instead of working here and now - is very much a destructive habit to breed. Most of the success stories we hear come from people who excelled in what they do, because they love doing it. And since you wouldn't put off doing something that brings you joy, the act of procrastinating is an indication you're in a wrong place, basically.
Look out and happy procrastinating!

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