Why is Kanban Tool the best kanban board service out there?18 Sep 2014

It stays simple:

Instead of trying to overwhealm users with new features, Kanban Tool leaves the choice to you. Power Ups allow choosing how much more complex you want it to be, it does not force features upon you. Therefore, Kanban Tool is not a hoarder of functions - more of a curator.

Kanban Tool Power Ups

Kanban Tool adjusts to your needs:

Easily make your board look and work the way you want it to, simply by creating desired number of lanes and columns, assigning the right policies and color-coding your task cards. Make good use of due dates, checklists and comments to ensure easy and effective communication in your team.

Being useful is its priority:

However cool new features are, Kanban Tool's objective is usefulness, hence we are always prioritizing the improvements in a way that puts usability increase over the design boost only.

Best time-tracking among available kanban board services and software:

  • - interactive - users can decide when their work has started, paused, finished
  • - users have the ability to edit their time records (when doing work off premises or when tracking was let going but the job was held up)
  • - seamless - the tracker follows your work without you having to mind it. Simply move the task to a column that is set as an In Progress column
Kanban Tool Time Tracker

Kanban Tool is fun and easy to use:

Once your columns are all set and Work In Progress properly limited - card creating, editing and pulling could not be simpler. Try it for yourself today!

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