Kanban Tool introduces seamless Time Tracking16 Apr 2014

We have something big today. We are happy to introduce seamless Time Tracking! Why seamless? There is no extra clicking required to start your timers! Simply drag a task to your working column and the timer will start itself. You can work as usual with Kanban Tool and get insightful time reports on how you spent your time.

Kanban Tool Time Tracking - Timers list

How to get started with seamless Time Tracking?

If you are Kanban Tool customer, upgrade to Enterprise plan. Then edit lane types for each column in Board editor. There are three possible lane types which will trigger different actions:
- Queue/Waiting - here the timer pauses.
- In progress - the timer starts.
- Done - the timer stops and the task is removed from the list of timers.
New to Kanban Tool? Create your account >> and experience how time tracking should really work.

Get deeper insight with powerful Time Reports

Wondering what your team is doing? With insightful time reports, you always know how much time your team spends on any activity. To get an overview on how your team spends time select Summary report. On the bar graph you will see the total time spent working each day.
Kanban Tool Time Tracking: Summary report - bar metric
A more detailed breakdown is also available, allowing you to track each team member's performance and logged hours. Kanban Tool Time Tracking: Summary report - breakdown chart
Detailed report shows a detailed list of all timers. It displays a sum of time spent, number of tasks and total number of entries. Every time you start and pause timers a new entry is created here. Account administrators can modify and remove entries by clicking on the icons to the right of each row. Regular users can also edit and remove their entries.
Kanban Tool Time Tracking - Detailed report
You can also filter all reports by: boards, time interval, users, task types and tags.
Kanban Tool Time Tracking - Time Reports filters
Furthermore, you can export your reports to PDF file and print them out or simply save them as a CSV file.

If you are do not see the option to upgrade to Time Tracking (Enterprise plan), contact us at support@kanbantool.com.