New Developer Tools power-up scripts04 Dec 2013

We never stop improving Kanban Tool. Even if it is snowing and bitter cold. Today we have for you a brand new collection of Developer Tools power-up scripts. We hope that they will make customization and use of Kanban Tool even easier.

Save and done

This script adds a new option to a task view. If you will check the option 'Task done', the task will be saved and moved to the last column.

Kanban Tool Script - Save and done

Task done

After activating the script, the new option "Task done" will be displayed in the context menu. It will allow you to quickly move the card to the last column on your Kanban board.

Kanban Tool Script - Task done

Change column

This script will help you move tasks between columns even faster thanks to an additional menu item.

Kanban Tool Script - Task done

Working time

Would you like to know how long the tasks are on your board? This script makes it possible. "Working time" option will allow you to see the information on how long the task is active. The time will be displayed on the card in the left corner.

Kanban Tool Script - Task done

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