Keeping track of a great number of projects is easy with Kanban Tool - Interview with the Director of Operational Solutions at Playworks16 May 2013

Director of Operational Solutions at Playworks

Today we present an interview with Dave Gilmore, Director of Operational Solutions at Playworks, where they envision that one day every child will have an opportunity for safe and healthy play every single day. We asked him about his work and his experience with using Kanban Tool.

KT: What do you do at work?

D.G.: My job touches on a lot of areas, but generally I focus on business services and connecting our teams to the resources that they need to achieve our mission. This ranges from administering logistical systems to training folks on software.

KT: What do you use Kanban Tool for? Can you tell us how your board looks like?

D.G.: I use Kanban Tool to keep an overall projects board that we use to report out on in-process initiatives. I also have a very specific board for our facilities, as I am constantly juggling over 20 office leases at any time and it's been great at keeping track of what stages those leases are in.

KT: In your opinion, what is the most important benefit of using Kanban Tool?

D.G.: The most important benefit of Kanban Tool is that it takes what would normally be on a messy physical board with index cards or markers, and boils it down to something more agile.

KT: What do you value most in Kanban Tool? Do you have your favorite feature?

D.G.: My favorite feature is customization and simplicity. There's nothing in Kanban Tool that you can't tailor to your exact processes, yet no matter how complex you make it, it always looks clean and simple.

KT: Thank you, Dave!

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