Kanban Board performance improvements and tweaks05 Mar 2012

We are happy to announce that over the past weekend we have released few tweaks and performance improvements to online Kanban boards:

  • The major improvement is in the speed of most common operations. You should see cards opening faster, and the service being even more responsive than before.
  • We have also added more fields to the CSV import feature, making it easy to import tasks with multiple attributes in one go.
  • Another, quite substantial tweak, is in the user's naming scheme.
    Until now, all usernames in the system had to be unique. Since we have over 12.000 users registered, most common names and variations were already taken. We have decided to remove this limitation. Now usernames need to be unique only inside given domain / account. This allows for greater flexibility and allows you to comply with any specific user account naming requirements you may have.

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

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