Change the order of your card information fields10 Dec 2014

We are continuously working to make Kanban Tool even more user-friendly and we've now made it possible to change around the order in which the information fields appear on your Kanban card.
Here is what your default card look like:

A Standard Kanban Card Layout

Now, just by going to Settings and Card Template, you can change the order of the fields. Simply drag and drop the fields in the places that you feel are most useful for any particular information field. To drag the fields please grab the arrows on the left side of the field.

Change the Kanban card field order

Always remember to save the changes you've made at the bottom of the window. Here is an example of a completely new card, tailored to your needs.

A New Kanban Card Layout

Enjoy this new option and stay tuned to always be up-to-date with all new Kanban Tool features!

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