Auto assign Power-Up21 Jul 2014

Do you work in a team that utilizes Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban method and in which everyone independently decides about job to be performed? If yes, our new power-up is for you!

Auto assign power-up allows you to gain visibility over who is doing what in your team, without spending time on assigning tasks to each team member. With this power-up, tasks are automatically assigned to team members when they move them to columns marked as "In progress", and unassigned when they move them to "Queue / Waiting" columns. Enable new Auto assign feature by going to Settings -> Power-Ups.

Auto Assign Power-Up in Kanban Tool

Next, visit your Board editor. Edit columns in which you want tasks to be automatically assigned (choose lane type "In progress") and unassigned (select "Queue/ Waiting" lane type). Now you can fully enjoy the new power-up that brings extra convenience to software development, sales and support teams.

Auto Assign Power-Up: Change Column Lane Type on Kanban board

We look forward to your ideas for new power-ups!

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