8 Best Time-Saving Tips07 Jan 2015

1. Priorities

Learn to tell the difference between what's important and what isn't, since the latter is just a waste of time, in the long run.

2. Action before procrastination

Don't blow things out of proportion - if there is something that can be done in 5 minutes, do it right away, rather than plan on doing this later.

3. Memory aids

Don't count on your memory - use anything else than this, whether it's a basic notepad or an advanced productivity tool.

4. Planning

Plan your work and sum up your work - this helps to dismiss useless tasks and keep you calm, relaxed and satisfied.

5. Focus

Make an office rule of no chatting apart from designated times (coffee break, lunch break) - the less interruptions, the better the productivity.

6. Limit your availability

Introduce timed availability to answer emails and phone calls, staying open to them all day ruins your focus and wastes time.

7. Say no

Feel free to say no and to delegate jobs!

8. Stay healthy

Allow yourself to be time-efficient by keeping yourself in a tip-top shape: eat well, sleep well, rest and yes - exercise :)

See many more great time-saving ideas in the presentation below:

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