10 Things that Really Motivate You to Work08 Apr 2015

From among tons of factors that serve as motivation to people, some may seem more obvious than others. Of course, motivation will differ depending on people's age, gender, industry and – most of all – character. There's no real need here to mention money as one of them, as it may be argued that this is the basic motivation to do any work in general.

10 things that really motivate you to work

Having a goal to aim for and being aware of the fact that what you're working towards adds up with work of others and advances a bigger cause motivates quite a few. Good leadership, as a mean of supporting this and providing some guidance can also facilitate the way we feel about what we've achieved and about our future goals.

Utilizing the skills you have and excelling at the tasks assigned is a good proof of being a valuable team member and commonly acts as motivation, as well as a career advancement motor.
This can be easily paired with the desire of making a contribution to the team effort, often stated by people as motivating.

Being relevant, noticed and appreciated is a major component in employee motivation. This normally leads to people searching for new ways of making themselves more valuable, learning new skills and becoming more and more specialized. This goes along with reaching a specific status within the organization and taking efforts to maintain it. Together with that we observe a deserved recognition and motivation that it provides.

There are some among us, who will get motivated by pure curiosity - an eagerness to learn new things and gain new abilities. Once an employee like this is recognized, it's worth making sure that they do have the opportunity to develop and learn.

From here we only need to take one step further to establish that it is very often power, that motivates us to do what we do. Being influential in an organization, holding an executive position, making crucial decisions on your own or managing a group of people can all provide a feeling of empowerment and generate respect from colleagues, co-workers or clients. Also, simply knowing that your opinion will matter and influence how the company works, empowers and motivates many of us.

Whether you're an employee or an employer, knowing what motivates people – and especially the people you work with – is a big advantage. It's only when you realize this, that you'd be able to focus on achieving better results. Good luck!

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