New Kanban Tool Features27 Sep 2016

New Kanban Tool Features

The devil's in the details - this week we're excited to introduce a number of features, each of which will make a small, yet significant difference to how you use the boards. Check these out:

Emails on Checklist Assignment

To make cooperation on tasks more efficient, checklist item assignments are now generating email notifications, just as task assignments do. Information on what's needed to be done will now be spreading even faster!

Creating Tasks from Excel

If you're a frequent Microsoft Excel user, but you'd still like to be able to visualize your work on a Kanban board, we have prepared a fantastic Excel macro, which will help you create Kanban Tool tasks directly from Excel. Find out more here.

Easier Font Size Change

Want to make the card fonts larger? For a long time it has been possible to enlarge fonts with Developer Tools, but it has now become accessible directly from the Custom Theme Power-up. Now all your board design features are in one place. Visit this page to learn more about changing your board looks.

A Time Log on Cards

Finally - you can now check how much time each of the team members have spent on a particular task. Open the Time log to see user-specific time entries for the people involved in this task. Enjoy!

individual time logs on cards

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