Successful people work smart, not just hard24 Mar 2015

When thinking about how you work, you really should take into consideration the fact that it's not just how hard you work, but how optimal your working practices are, that matters.

Successful people work smart not just hard


This seemingly obvious tip is probably the key skill to have if you want to learn to work smart. As far as time waste and time savings go, this is the area of activity where improvements are made.

Minimize the amount of context switching

This produces waste and waste alone. Whenever you need to switch from task A to B and back again, this creates a waste of the mind-set that you have created in order to do the job. Having to switch back and forth (multi-task) generates heaps of this sort of waste.

Research a lot more deep than it's really required

Thanks to taking this approach you'll get a much better understanding of all problems and probably will grab some additional knowledge, which will prove useful in the future.

Be prepared

By good planning and following the calendar you'll most likely manage to avoid any traps of an unexpected urgent work, ruining your entire schedule. You'd think it's common sense, but surprisingly even those of us who do place events in the calendar, often don't remember to check or adhere to them.

Get as much information from other people as you can

This goes for asking questions, inquiring, looking into other solutions etc. It's usually more than likely that someone around you already knows what you're looking for.

Realize that the act of doing something is not equivalent to being productive

Simply following the standard steps and telling yourself that this is going somewhere doesn't yet mean getting something done, does it? It's very much like doing work for the sake of working – rarely being related to adding value to the product or to moving a project along.

Draw big pictures and discuss what you do with others

To visualize / realize what it is that you're doing and how it's meant to be done. Seeing things and talking them over with people facilitates better understanding, remembering and perfecting of the action.
Also, please remember, that knowing why you're doing something is much powerful than just knowing
how to do it.

Ensure that you know the environment that you're in

Not knowing how to use the office hardware or how to find important documents in the office can effectively put
a stop to your productivity. It's better to spend a little time learning the surroundings than to have to ask for help whenever you come across a problem.

Set a limit to how many times one thing can annoy you

There is a very cool rule of 3 annoyances – when a small problem comes your way for the third time in a row, rather than trying to work around it, just solve it. Say it's the third time this week you're approaching the photocopying machine and it's broken – rather than going to the other floor to make your copies, just call the service and get it fixed. You'll gain time and save yourself further annoyance.

Relax and take breaks

Whatever it is that you're doing, doing it when relaxed brings much better results than doing this when you're tense. Relaxation and keeping a good distance from the work is always a good investment. Holding regular breaks allows you to keep the focus sharp and to stay well motivated throughout the day.

Manage similar tasks in batches

It's a great time saving and a cut-down of distraction and avoidance of context switching to work items in bulk. Tasks such as answering email, calling people back, preparing documentation etc. are done much more effectively when worked in sets. For instance check the inbox once an hour rather than keep it open all the time, as it's creating a distraction. You are also more effective when you're answering in bulk, than when having to get into the communicative mind-set for each and every one email.

There is a lot more that can be done to work smarter. The key is to think about what and how you do things, look back at how you've been getting on, so that any improvements are actually possible.
When properly organized, it's most likely that any job can be made easier and more pleasant to do.

Is your hard work hurting your productivity? - take a break!18 Mar 2015

Want to take effective breaks at work? Find out some of the best practices for keeping the productivity going and staying focused but not stressed throughout the day. Taking regular breaks also prevents you from getting bored too quickly, therefore more happy about your job and yourself.

Is your hard work hurting your productivity - take a break

Choose an activity that will not demand your full attention and focus

For instance, taking a walk through the city demands that you remain fully aware of what's going on around you, whereas strolling through a park allows you to wonder about and pay little attention to what's around. This would be a much better way to recharge your batteries and refresh the mind.

Find a distraction

If your idea of a break is stepping out into the next room or outside, this may be only a change of scenery, while your mind may very well remain focused on work. Seems like a great idea to get something mindless to do, an activity which will allow your mind to wonder into whichever direction in chooses (juggling, video games, doodling, listening to music, etc.).

Plan for breaks

You (and your mind) need to know that and when a break will occur, to sustain good energy and concentration levels. You may even schedule the breaks, use Pomodoro (work for 30 min and break for 5), or any other approach (60 min work / 10 min break, 52/17, 90/15 etc.). Such an approach of knowing what's around the corner amounts to much higher focus.

Go away when you're taking a break

As mentioned before – staying 10 feet away from your desk is hardly a break. Go out, walk about, get a coffee, see the world, preferably on the natural side (a park, meadow or even just a tree?).

See what exercise can do for productivity in 15 minutes

This gives an opportunity to both reinvigorate the mind and pick up some exercise, for which you may not normally have the time. Of course, you wouldn't go to the gym, but a run up and down some steps will certainly get the circulation going, clear the mind and make room for brand new focusing ability.

Arrange a motivational break 2/3 through the day

Whether you're a coffee, smoothies or cake fan – how about making a motivational trip to the coffee shop 2/3 down the workday, to reward the hard work you've already done and get a boost for the last part of the day? Works for quite a few ;)

How do great team leaders manage poor performers?10 Mar 2015

How do great team members manage poor performers

Define clear and precise expectations – may seem obvious, but surprisingly, what is expected is very often left unsaid, therefore the employee may have no idea of whether what they deliver does or doesn't meet the manager's expectations. Defining expectations should be coupled with stating the consequences of not meeting the expected results.

Set solid deadlines – for completion of the precisely presented expectations, as described above.

Try to get to the root cause of the under-performance – sometimes it's simply that a job is not doable, no matter who you'll put onto it, other times the reason for under-performing may be a deep issue in the employee's private life, which will later pass and the quality of their work will return to the normal height.

Motivate – even the most dedicated employees need to see what will be the direct benefit of their hard work and ot have a personal goal to achieve within the company.

Be prepared to dismiss some people – no matter how many different factors you'll take into account, and how well will you motivate your team, some people will just not improve. Shame they got through the recruitment process in the first place, but now that you know their value, just let go and save your company the time.

Give feedback – unless people are aware of the quality of their work, they will not be able to make a change. So, if they're doing poorly – do let them know, and if they're doing great – they need to know just the same.

Act as soon as you notice the lower quality of performance – the longer you leave it, the less likely it will be resolved.

Investigate early on – to find whether it's the lack of motivation or lack of ability that causes the problem. Also, do make it clear, that whenever the employee comes across a difficulty, they are welcome to come and ask you for guidance.

Consider the employee's needs – it may be, that them not being met causes the drop in the quality of work. Sometimes it may be a while before they notice the problem themselves.

Track the progress – of the problematic team members to verify your decision to keep them on.

Offer rewards for best workers – however risky, this may be one way to encourage a high quality working morale. Should you decide on this approach, do remember to underline that the way to get a reward is by doing things best, not quickest and with use of unethical ways.

Perfect the hiring process – to eliminate the unsuitable people at the very beginning, as this may be a saving of a lot of time and resources.

7 things that are most hurting your productivity03 Mar 2015

7 Things Tha Are Most Hurting Your Productivity

1. Focusing on problems rather than on solutions

If the milk has already been spilled, it's no use to go on analysing it, it's much more advisable to concentrate on finding possible solutions or work-arounds the issue. In other words – looking ahead brings more value in this instance than looking back.
This also goes for trying to find the one person to blame for the problem, instead of identifying the ideal person to find a solution.

2. Engaging in management methods that no-one will ever follow

It's great that you've got the whole strategy planned out, but if the manner in which you're putting it forward to your team, together with possibly poor way in which it was presented and organized, it may be very difficult to expect people to follow it. In the end, if they don't buy it – they won't do it.
It's usually the best approach here to involve the team in making these kinds of plans and dividing up the work. Not to mention open-plan solution, like Kanban, in which the process in completely transparent and flexible.

3. Constantly checking the inbox

Instead of breaking any of your productivity streaks, it's usually much more effective to check the mail at set times of the day only. This way you're keeping your focus on whatever else you're meant to be doing, also answering the emails in bulk makes the answering itself more effective.

4. Completing project reports, evaluations and charts just for the sake of getting them done

Yes, most of the times you don't get to choose whether you want to do this or not, even though it brings no value. But perhaps there is room to discuss whether this is really necessary? Or simplifying it.
If nothing else – since it brings no real value anyway, why not optimizing the template in such a way, that you can reuse the whole thing or at least some phrases, paragraphs?

5. Extensive planning and analysing the best approaches to problems – rather than taking action

This touches on procrastination a bit. It's typical, for those of us who happen to be reluctant in their approach to getting a job started, to meticulously plan it, think it through and weight all the possibilities – instead of getting on with it. Once you learn to realize that you're doing it – it may become easier to stop this pattern.
Or to plan on stopping it..

6. Following someone's footsteps rather than setting own path

In business – more often than not – copying someone's approach tends to create an inappropriate environment for your work. You may find that large numbers of tasks you took on have led to not valuable results, but were easy to do. Working out solutions tailored to what you do and what you want to achieve seems like a time well spend. Doesn't it?

7. Doing a job you hate

Although its wastefulness could be argued, since you are making money, after all, you are really demotivating yourself by staying in a position that brings no satisfaction nor pleasure to your day. However idealistic, it's true.
It's never too late for a change.

How to manage someone smarter than you?18 Feb 2015

Any employer knows the little dilemma of wanting to hire the best and being terrified of having to manage someone a lot more skilled or intelligent than themselves.. it's tricky! If you don't understand their work nor some of the language they use – where do you get the authority to be the boss?

KanbanTool how to manage someone smarter than you

Provide guidance on what they do, not how they do it
This is a simple and logical advice. Rather than getting bogged down in the details, try establishing a route, on taking which you and your team member agree.

Show them respect
By focusing on listening to what they have to say, addressing their needs instead of just bossing them around, you stand a chance of creating a respectful, working relationship. This will also facilitate their growth.

Inspire and motivate
As a leader, your role is not showing the team how much smarter you are, it is aiding them by providing the most suitable means of motivation and individual inspiration.

Help out in any conflicts between the top thinkers
Use your objectivity and detachment from the core of the argument to mitigate the situation to reach a common, healthy solution or compromise

Ask insightful questions
In general, you don't want to know the details of how they're going to achieve something, all you need to know is what is their objective, the specific target and what is the result they're aiming to get.

Allow for senior oversight
Facilitating a connection between your top employee and a senior specialist of the same field, creates learning opportunities for your top workers and validates what they do with authoritative figures.

Cut the worst out of the picture
By asking your ultra smart employee to cooperate with weakest “chain-links” is demoralizing for both sides. It's preferable if you have a common working approach and skill among your team members. If you don't get rid of the under-performers, you'll most likely lose the creative and effective members.

Cut out distractions and obstacles
If the real value of an employee lies in his ability to do a lot and well, you may want to utilize this to the fullest. So, make sure your best worker doesn't need to spend hours in useless meetings, on writing dull reports or organizing things, which can be organized for him by someone else.

To sum up, when managing people smarter than you, not taking a bossy approach, treating them humane, allowing rest, growth and space to do their job seems to be the way to go.

Is your Kanban board missing the crucial property?12 Feb 2015

Ever wondered what is the one property of a task board (or a Kanban board), that defines whether the board adds to your success and makes your work easier or not? Do you go after the looks, the functionality, the costs or something completely different entirely (or all)?

Kanban board crucial property

How does transferring of the information from a board to your memory works anyway? According to Karl Scotland, there are three stages to establishing a Kanban board well within your mind and memory (both of which are necessary for proper utilization of the tool).

First – you develop a mental model in your mind (what you think the board looks like)
Second – the board's actual usability encourages you to keep going back to look at it
Third - the model gets reinforced by your constant going back to the board, until you don't really need to look at it in order to know what's there.

So, the only thing we all really need from a Kanban board is its usability and a design, that encourages looking at it.

The resource

Edward Tufte wrote a great book on The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, in which he explained what are the best ways to visualize the information in order to make it readable, accessible and effective as a means of communication with the team.

The timeline

One of the things he mentions is the correctness of a board design, basing on having the time-frame along the horizontal axis, and another value along the vertical one. Because what is normally presented in Kanban on the horizontal line is status, not time, it may seem an irrelevant piece of information. However, seeing that the status does change WITH time, there is some satisfying compliance with this time-frame rule.

The Kanban multiverse

A reasonable Kanban board will show scope (or work areas) along the vertical and status along the horizontal line then. According to Tufte, what makes Kanban boards multi-variant (bringing more than one type of information, by use of more than one way) is the board's ability to take in a lot of details and spread them on the display in a logical and intuitively informative way.

Data ink and data density

The most valuable point that Tufte makes is that the amount of data ink – the actual wording of the task description appearing on the board – should be minimal. It needs to be compressed to the very merit, as anything else will only be a distraction.
As for the data density – the amount of information held in one area of the board – needs to be maximized in order to allow the board users to take a glance at the board and get as much from it as possible. So, shorten your task descriptions and place the cards close together on a relatively compact board.

What makes Kanban multi-variant

A well designed Kanban will provide information on not only the scope and status, but on resources, work quality, priority, assignment, risks, constraints, dependencies, time and other. There is also room for displaying information on capacity, demand, throughput, value and impediments.

The means to achieving this multi-level communication tool are task item's variations in size, color, alignment, format, location etc. With physical boards, there is also the ability to use different materials and textures to accentuate different problems. A virtual board, on the other hand, allows a vast number of graphic information in form of simple icons (priority, presence of any links within the cards, checklists, comments, due dates, employee assignment, task difficulty and many others).

Final tip

Kanban Tool allows you to customize the way the card looks, and what type of information it holds inside. Thanks to a minimalistic design of the board, the ability to zoom in and out of the board view, and the clarity of the cards, together with distinctively different card colors, KanbanTool allows for placing a lot of data on a small amount of space and acquiring “at a glance” information from it. All you need from a helpful Kanban board.

What's the best way to learn something?04 Feb 2015

Ambition. Overrated? Overused? Abused? Promoting development or unhealthy? In order to get to anything (yes, anything at all) in life, you've got to learn.
Anything you're going to want to do will require some skill or knowledge. What are the best ways to learn something then?

What's the best way to learn something Kanban Tool blog

Teach it

Very quickly many experts provide this answer, and it has been proven to be true. However not all of us have the ability to do this, particularly with the simpler of skills. So:


No one can deny, this is the way to go. Practice makes perfect, repetition creates great habits, reinforced further by changing approach to the exercise (trying different things in order to get one result). This will also prevent you from getting bored too quickly.

Don't take too much on in a one go

Unless you're a genius, there will be a limit to how much you can absorb at once. It's usually best to divide the load into smaller items and work through them gradually. By the way, you will enforce the knowledge taken in as first, which will very likely support your understanding of the new material.

Go from the general to the detailed

If what you're learning is complex, it will make a lot of sense to start with some building blocks. So, take one step at a time. Also, by understanding the overall idea first, the detailed information will make a lot more sense to you once you get to it.

Be persistent

You do know that Rome indeed was not built in a day, don't you? You need to stay committed to what you're trying to master - yes, it will take time, but it will be worth it.

Don't expect to see the results right away

This is probably the most difficult of them all, being ready to give up the need to get instant results. Things will take time, perhaps you could trick yourself into thinking that because it takes time it is adding value.

Use the way that is best for you

We don't all learn in the same way, so the advice that a friend gave you doesn't need to work for you. There are 3 basic types of learning attitude: watching (imitating), analyzing (breaking down) and doing (trying out). Pick the one that's right for you.

Even if you'll only take one tip form this, just having a quick think about how you wish and like to learn will probably benefit the way you do it. Whichever approach you take on in your learning, above all - try to enjoy it!

Top 4 ways to spend the first hour of a workday28 Jan 2015

Grab these clever ideas on making your day more productive, successful and satisfying. Applying most of them requires a minimum amount of effort, and the benefits can be very rewarding. Particularly, if it's the way you see your day and what you've achieved that is being improved!

Top 4 ways to spend the first hour of a workday

Make a plan

Sort through your tasks and align them in a way starting with the most difficult and concentration-demanding and ending on the light, easy work. Update your to-do list and calendar, make sure you know what you and the team are doing and that everything is arranged and the information distributed.

Eat that frog

This is the most popular and probably one of the most effective methods of making a start of the workday. (The name comes from Brian Tracy’s book on time management.) Get the most difficult and most hated jobs you've got ahead for the day and do them first. This way, the rest of the day has a lot of potential of being pure joy, hasn't it? You also get the great boost of having already completed the big task of the day, so energy and satisfaction shall stay with you for the rest of it.

Customer Service

If part of your job is service work (answering queries, solving issues, providing information etc.), it may be a good idea to do this first, in order not to get distracted later. In general, there is a choice to be made with these kinds of jobs - whether you want to respond ASAP (and provide great service but be constantly interrupted) or to make set times during the day for checking the emails or tickets (and respond less promptly, but accomplish far more overall). Whichever you prefer, it's usually a good start of the day to check in and see what's there to deal with.

Try something new

When you're still fresh and full of energy (presumably), this time of day may be the best opportunity for making some kinds of experiments with new ideas, new tools, new approaches to common problems, fresh solutions and so on. Also, starting something new will demand a lot of your attention and strength, so doing it before you're tired makes sense.

So, do you feel like giving any of these a go? All of the above are worth trying, as very often making a good start is key to having a great day altogether.

Become more productive by learning just one skill!21 Jan 2015

Say you could change your productivity in one easy step - what would it be?
Being able to instantly tell the difference between what's important and what's urgent.

It may seem simple when you think about it, but in the heat of work we do tend to get our focus misplaced sometimes. As humans, we are built in a way that makes us drop everything on the sight of an urgent task,
a notification or somebody's request. This isn't necessarily a good thing. It's not always, that the urgent job should be prioritized over the important one.

Here are some ideas for you to implement in order to get your focus right and therefore save massive amounts
of time:

Become more productive by learning just one skill

Disallow all notifications
It's rare that a notification will be as vital as to demand your immediate attention - the world really will not collapse if you read them all in bunches every couple of hours rather than keep checking and loosing focus every few minutes.

Be assertive
Learn to decline "urgent" requests for help, their urgency for others doesn't need to mean it's crucial for you to do. On top of this, you'll be respected more if you're known to say no every once in a while.

Limit the number of things you're going to work on during the day
Multitasking is bad for efficiency. Focusing on a small number of jobs in a day allows you to do get better results than by doing the same work in bits (no time wasted on switching and refreshing your memory).

Stop watching tv
Not much good ever comes from a TV that is always on. Just think of the number of hours you're spending on watching programs, and often of a dubious quality.

Put a date on your plan
How often do you find yourself thinking: one day I'll write a book, start going to the gym or learn to play a harp. "One day" is not good enough, but if you make it "this March" or even better - "on the 2nd of March" - then you really get a chance to actually make a start on it.

Force yourself to push the important tasks onto your daily task plan:
It's too easy to say: as soon as I've done 1, 2 or 3 I can get working on the main thing. This is a special kind of tricking yourself into believing that all is well. But really, you're just stalling, putting the really important stuff off and just welcoming distractions.

Instead of cutting losses, decide what is ineffective work and forget about doing it at all:
You may be superbly efficient, but you'll never be able to get 100% of what's expected, asked and requested from you across all fields. There is always some email you'd be answering only to tick it off while knowing too well it will not produce any value. There also are calls that returning brings no effect. The same goes for your work - some things are done "just because", not for their actual value. Forget about them, focus on the important stuff.

To sum up - there are some things you can start doing any moment in order to improve your efficiency and make time savings. Some easier than other, but all bringing you closer to being more productive (hence more appreciated) and to having more time for other things. And all that is required from you to achieve this is learning to recognize what's urgent and what's important.

Improve your work with a Kanban calendar!14 Jan 2015

improve your work with a Kanban calendar

Kanban is a very simple project management method, built on visualization of the process and limitation of the work in progress. It's popular to set the workflow in such a way that the visibility of tasks will be clearly aligned with a calendar view.

A calendar driven Kanban board

From Kanban Tool available templates you can pick a time-driven Kanban board, which will allow you to plan the work in a way that utilizes the coming days of the week. You can just as well adapt this template to reflect the full week's shape and plan your work accordingly.

Kanban calendar

The Kanban Tool calendar widget

Alternatively, you can just stick the basic Kanban rule, which is splitting the workflow into three columns: a backlog, an in progress column and a finished one. But to stay on top of delivery dates and all your time-restricted obligations, simply apply a due date to all the tasks that you put onto the board. When the due date approaches - you will see it highlighted in the Kanban calendar widget on the right hand side of the board view. And on the day of the planned task completion you will get a distinct visual sign that a particular task needs attention - impossible to miss now!

Kanban Tool calendar widget

Special events planning

There are occasions and business models, when an even more direct approach to a Kanban calendar is acceptable. Special occasions, like Christmas or holidays (or working in an event planning business), may get you to plan the upcoming events even more calendar-like as far as their concept is concerned. What is left to do then is to plan your actions in detail, still apply a WIP limit and hope that you can get all things done within a planned period of time. And if not - you can just swipe the unperformed task (with all information attached to it) into another day.

Choose your favourite way

Whichever way - whether the more Kanban-true or the Calendar-driven you prefer, Kanban Tool will allow you to get the best results possible. With online attachments, Time Tracking, comments, checklists, unlimited access, complete flexibility, email notifications, popular file hosting services integration and more - Kanban Tool will make your plans get realized in their full shape, extend, with tremendous effectiveness and ..on time.

8 Best Time-Saving Tips07 Jan 2015

1. Priorities

Learn to tell the difference between what's important and what isn't, since the latter is just a waste of time, in the long run.

2. Action before procrastination

Don't blow things out of proportion - if there is something that can be done in 5 minutes, do it right away, rather than plan on doing this later.

3. Memory aids

Don't count on your memory - use anything else than this, whether it's a basic notepad or an advanced productivity tool.

4. Planning

Plan your work and sum up your work - this helps to dismiss useless tasks and keep you calm, relaxed and satisfied.

5. Focus

Make an office rule of no chatting apart from designated times (coffee break, lunch break) - the less interruptions, the better the productivity.

6. Limit your availability

Introduce timed availability to answer emails and phone calls, staying open to them all day ruins your focus and wastes time.

7. Say no

Feel free to say no and to delegate jobs!

8. Stay healthy

Allow yourself to be time-efficient by keeping yourself in a tip-top shape: eat well, sleep well, rest and yes - exercise :)

See many more great time-saving ideas in the presentation below:

Season's Greetings from Kanban Tool!23 Dec 2014

Best wishes for Holidays and New Year from everyone at Kanban Tool. We give you the gift of productivity!

seasons greetings from kanban tool

2014 in 5 features19 Dec 2014

As the year comes to an end, we are summing up Kanban Tool's growth. We are very happy to share with you the 5 best of this year's newly implemented Kanban Tool features.

Time Tracking

We've introduced seamless Time Tracking with Time Report, a function allowing to monitor the time, that is spent on each particular task. In the Time Report you can view a summary or detailed record of exactly how long things took.

kanban tool five top features 5

My Work widget

We have also made it possible for each team member to manage his or hers own tasks personally - with My Work widget. It lets each user to create a task queue of items from - possibly - many different boards. In the widget you can also postpone tasks for any amount of time and on the tasks' return to the list, they will be visibly highlighted, to ensure you notice them. Very useful when working on multiple Kanban boards.

kanban tool five top features 2

File hosting services integration

Also from this year you can attach files directly from your favorite file hosting service (Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or Box). This makes work and cooperation even more simple.

kanban tool five top features 1

Kanban Cast

To make your teamwork even more efficient, we've thought of creating a good way of making an information radiator out of your Kanban board. Check out Kanban Cast - a great Kanban Tool and Chromecast integration. Now you can radiate the workflow onto your team, and make sure that everyone is visually updated in real time.

kanban tool five top features 4

Integration with SAML 2.0

Keeping the big teams in mind, we've made a one click access to Kanban Tool possible. By integrating your Kanban Tool account with SAML 2.0 your team can log in to the service with just one press of a button.

kanban tool five top features

Stay tuned to make sure you don't miss any of the new functions coming along in 2015! There will be a lot happening!

Christmas preparations with Kanban Tool16 Dec 2014

However enjoyable, Christmas can be a very stressful time. The number of things to prepare, plan for and organize is not a small one. If you're afraid that you'll forget your In-Law's present or that you'll end up with no hard candy for your nieces or that not a branch of mistletoe will turn up in your home - you may want to calm your nerves with getting properly organized.

With Kanban Tool you can simply make a board for this coming week and get cracking! It will be even more fun of you get your family involved - you can delegate Christmas duties to each family member and that way you'll have less on your plate and everyone can feel christmasly involved!!

Spread your Christmas jobs along the week so that you don't get bombarded with things to do on Christmas Eve, and enjoy pulling one task at a time into the Doing column - and than sliding it to Done! Make sure that this year's Christmas preparations don't get the better of you!

A New Kanban Card Layout

Christmas preparations can be hard, but with Kanban Tool they can also be fun!!

Change the order of your card information fields10 Dec 2014

We are continuously working to make Kanban Tool even more user-friendly and we've now made it possible to change around the order in which the information fields appear on your Kanban card.
Here is what your default card look like:

A Standard Kanban Card Layout

Now, just by going to Settings and Card Template, you can change the order of the fields. Simply drag and drop the fields in the places that you feel are most useful for any particular information field. To drag the fields please grab the arrows on the left side of the field.

Change the Kanban card field order

Always remember to save the changes you've made at the bottom of the window. Here is an example of a completely new card, tailored to your needs.

A New Kanban Card Layout

Enjoy this new option and stay tuned to always be up-to-date with all new Kanban Tool features!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts!!28 Nov 2014

With holidays approaching and the big shopping season kicking in, Kanban Tool offers great discounts for new Kanban Tool users!

Throughout the weekend - when registering for our service - you'll get 33% off for 3 months! And that's on top of the free trial.

Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to get started with the original Kanban Tool. To benefit from the discount, sign up here. This offer ends on Monday night, don't miss it!

Black Friday Cyber Monday Kanban Tool

A Highly Productive Sprint18 Nov 2014

We all get pushed and pressed sometimes. Whether it's an impending deadline, more of an every week is too short kind of deal, or getting stuff done in advance because of going away for some time - we've all been known to get out act together and just get things done at an astounding pace (and hopefully - with a good result too).

highly productive sprint

What is the best approach then?
Is it the best idea to just get plunged into work, forget eating, sleeping and breaking and simply squeezing every last bit of effort out of yourself? It may be!
But there are some things you could do in order to help yourself out.

- Plan a time line with accordance to your habits -

There's no point to say that you'll be getting up at 6am to do the work, if it's normal for you to sleep until 9. You know yourself best, so be honest and point out what is your most productive time of day and maybe extend this by an hour before and after to make the most of your effective working hours.

- Stick to this plan -

A clever way to make sure you keep your deadline is making it public. Use social media or just speak to your friends about your commitment and the plan, they will be sure to mock you if you don't hold up to your words! Alternatively, if a prospective reward is a better motivator for you, plan a rewarding night out, the purchase of a long-desired item or a little holiday. Then you'd have something to look forward to at the end of this productive run. Any of these two will create a good amount of pressure, motivating you to do what you're meant to.

- More on the plan: make outlines of what you need to do each day -

These can be rough estimates, just to give you an idea of what amount of tasks more-less you should have done by the end of the day. Very much like on a route map, let yourself see where exactly you are on the road to completing the job.

- Yes, yet more planning -

Once you've set out the general goal, and estimated more less what you'll be doing each day, it's a great idea to decide on a good sprint length for you. If you aim to work for 8 hours a day, you might like to do 30 or 45-minute long sprints with 10 minute breaks in between them. Or, if your focus is better than 45 minutes, try doing 1,5 hours with 10-15 minutes of rest. This way the day seems shorter and you get a satisfying feeling of completion after each run.
Whichever system you decide on, it's highly recommended to take little walks (even if it's around the room) every so often, just to get the circulation going.

The overall benefits
Doing that kind of a productive sprint benefits you not only in the short term, but it also lets you prove to yourself how much you can get done within a given amount of time, once properly motivated. This can not only boost your self-confidence, but can work as motivation to further exceed your expectations of yourself.

A fantastic help to run a highly productive sprint is Kanban Tool.
Once you know the goal, plan your sprint's process in Kanban Tool's columns, then split the job into task items as small as possible, place them in the backlog and pull tasks when you're ready for them. Use due dates, comments, checklists and the Calendar and My Work widgets to plan even more meticulously. Success and pleasure in running towards the goal are guaranteed.

How to best manage a remote team?11 Nov 2014

It is not unusual nowadays to cooperate on a regular basis with people stationed not only in other parts of the building or town, it's normal to have colleagues in other cities and countries. It occurs commonly and works great. It allows employers to really choose the best person for the job - the wider the search spectrum - the larger the choice. So it all looks great, but the question remains: how does one manage a remote team?

Team Working from Home

1. Apply team goals
The one thing you absolutely need to see in your remotely working employee is self discipline. Provided they don't lack that, the solution can work great for everyone.
A great thing you (the employer) can do to make sure that your remote employees do actually get somewhere, that they don't lack motivation or feedback, is setting properly presented goals. By properly presented we should understand goals, that clearly outline the purpose of the task as a part of a larger job (the employee needs to know how his contribution fits in with the other tasks, performed by his colleagues). The way the goal is set also has to make the employee personally responsible for the task's results (where there is no responsibility, there often is no attention). What would be also useful, is if there was some kind of a system for self-motivation; receiving instant feedback (e.g. Kanban Tool's comments and simply board sharing, allowing each team member to see the others' work) and a summary of the work creates a satisfying and hence motivating impulse.
Summing up the desired goal style - it would work great, if you started your remote team management by implying the SMARTER goals rule. The rule states that the goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound, Engaging and Resourced. So, make the goals known to all members, demand a weekly report on their activities and remember to provide feedback.

2. Concentrate on results
To stay within the idea of remote co-working, it would be best to allow the team members to manage their own time, thereby proving that you put trust in them. Having stated that, it is important to demand that for set meetings they do show on time. For the team members to do the job well, they will require a tool that will make this possible - a visual management aid. Rather than waste time on asking for details and explanations, they need to be able to focus on completing the job as quick and well as possible.

3. Make the jobs shorter in time
Instead of assigning long-term tasks, try to cut them into small sprints (and sprints into well manageable tasks). This will allow the employee to focus on one task at a time and henceforth complete it much quicker and more efficiently. Nothing makes people slower and more unfocused than a distant due-date. Also, creating long-term tasks means that tasks will be overlapping with each-other. And this implies that your employees will have to multitask, sooner or later. This is never good for the quality of results (the importance of WIP limits).

A Remote Team Member

4. Make the communication frequent and effective
It is an important part of the process for both sides of the remote team arrangement. Without regular check-up chats, the employee might feel isolated and the employer will not be up-to-date with what the team is doing. As with many things, it usually works best, if you establish a regular form of contact, whether it's group emails, conference calls or daily check-up phone calls. The best thing is to use an online tool for remote teams collaboration. This allows team members to not only see the tasks assigned to them as well as others, but also to make comments and share attachments. When applying a remote team model, communication is crucial.

5. Ensure that team spirit is present even at long distances
To make this happen, use a strategy that will include regular conference calls (it's a great team-building exercise if the meetings are conducted by a different team member each time), making effort to do video conferences for people's birthdays and substantial team and solo achievements. Also make sure that the team uses the comment or checklist functions, making sure that they really are able to co-work. It's a splendid idea to make sure your team is able to have their say with regards to improvements.

6. Use the best team / project management tool
Taking previous points into consideration, you might like to apply Kanban Tool. Divide the jobs into small tasks, assign them to your team members and limit the work in progress to a minimum. Team members will then be able to pull tasks when they're ready for them and to fully concentrate - seeing that no other tasks are distracting them. What's more - you, as the team manager - will have full access to the time reports, seeing how much time is spend on tasks by each and every team member, no matter where they are. Just by looking at your Kanban board the team can see the state of the project from their homes!

Transparency Within the Team - Effective Teamwork with Kanban Tool21 Oct 2014

No matter the project's shape and size - good teamwork is key to making it work and to actually work well. What are the most common obstacles and difficulties when it comes to teamwork? How to best overcome them? Kanban Tool provides an enormous scope for teamwork improvement. In fact, the most common problems can be highly improved upon, just by implementing Kanban Tool.


1. Long meetings with endless hours of discussion, which conclude with disproportionatelly little directives.
When using visual management tool, such as Kanban Tool, the real need for meetings really drops to one a week, one a month. This is because all current tasks are accessible at a glance - and to everyone. The team know what they are doing, as well as what their colleagues are doing. Any comments can be made in the task cards, and all people involved will get the memo. All there is left to discuss are new ideas and new schedules - these can be added to the backlog, commented on initially and by that - be pre-discussed when it comes to the once-a-month meeting.

2. The need for swift communication of project status and task assignment
When a new task is added to the Kanban board, it becomes visible to all people using it. All that is left is either for the manager to assign the task to someone, or - if this is your work model - for an available team member to pull it for himself. No need to discuss it any further.

3. Distribution of documents and updating / overwriting them in such a way that all of the team are aware of changes
The tasks in Kanban Tool can have attachments added to them. This way you can add as much and as detailed information, as you like. And once you change it - just change the attachment version (or even better - use the cloud attachments, so that they update automatically).

4. Inability to find the cause of a recurring problem
If a certain type of a task is constantly done incorrectly and there is no-one to "blame" - with Kanban Tool finding the root of the problem will be easy. By assigning tasks to people you are ensuring that their development will be traceable to the creator.

5. Miscommunication
When communicating verbally, and in large groups, in loud and "fun" meetings - miscommunication is unavoidable. The level of concentration and the ability to remember is not highest during boring, weekly meetings. Why not just leave everything to the written word? It's clear, explicit, and more permanent than a spoken command. People can go back to it, when in doubt or when memory just fails.

6. Inequality, that stems from team members not being able to present the amount of work that goes into their tasks, that are perceived as easy by others - and the other way round - unfair taking a lot of credit for short-lasting, easy tasks
Once you implement Kanban Tool with seamless Time Tracking, there will be no room for making it seem that a particular job takes much longer than it actually does. The proof will be in the time records. This is a great opportunity to evaluate your team - with regards to their effort and actually - their honesty.

7. Inability to match tasks to the best person available, that leads to many people doing things they don't know much about or don't like
With Kanban Tool Analytics the team manager (or anyone else, for that matter) can clearly see how good people are at which kinds of jobs. Thanks to this kind of information, it is very simple to match a task to a team member and to get everyone working on the things they are good at.

8. No clarity with regards to who does what and what are they trying to achieve as a team
Kanban Tool is a visual project management tool, therefore all users have a quick access to everyone else's progress. By setting the columns and swimlanes correctly you can ensure that people remember what is the common goal.

Effective Teamwork

9. No accounting for people's actions, a kind of anonymity - which causes lack of dedication and responsibility
If you don't receive any sort of feedback, and are aware that your effort will not be evaluated or traced back to you, chances are you will not try your absolute best. We'd all like to think that we perform exactly the same when supervised that when we're independent, but this is certainly not true. In Kanban Tool tasks are assigned to users and followed by Analytics. Nowhere to hide from what you've created and what you've let slide.

10. To high a level of competitiveness among the team members - may lead to putting their own goals ahead of common team goals, not to mention the amounts of unnecessary stress and bad blood involved
There is no real way to cut out the competitiveness really. Many would say that it is needed, to improve overall performance of all. But it still has to make sense. If you assign similar sort of tasks to different people, and later evaluate not only the speediness of their performance, but also its quality - a kind of competition measured fairly only shows the real value of your team.

11. Low flexibility - creates a stressful environment and puts unnecessary limits on the team
With Kanban Tool flexibility is welcome. Whether it comes to working hours, workplace, types of jobs, types of businesses - it's always up to you how you want to use your Kanban board. Because it is an online tool - it can be accessed from everywhere and anytime. Extensive board and function customization options allow you to make Kanban Tool fit your organization like a glove.

12. No met deadlines or a strong tendency to miss them
Keeping deadlines is one of the things that makes our business look reliable. With Kanban Tool it is easy to stay on top of your commitments. Make sure to use due dates to follow your progress with accordance to making the dates. Seeing the days remaining on the cards will make it difficult to forget them. You can also use My Work widget reminders, just to be sure.

13. Very little contribution from some members and lots of it from others
Teamwork needs to be teamwork - use Analytics filtered by users to see exactly how much each member contributes. You can look at the difficulty of their tasks and the time they took to do them. This is an easy way to evaluate team's performance.

14. Inability to focus on one task at a time, leading to low productivity and low motivation, as well as very poor job satisfaction.
This is the most vital aspect of Kanban - limiting work in progress to a minimum. This way you can completely focus on one thing at a time, therefore getting much better results. Not only will the quality of your work increase, but your work experience (far less chaos) and work satisfaction (getting much more done in a much better atmosphere) will rise too.

So, make sure you're utilizing all of Kanban Tool's features, and following all the essential rules to ensure a really well-working teamwork.

My Work: Kanban Tool CEO's favourite widget is out!14 Oct 2014

We are pleased to announce the introduction of My Work widget. This is the one, that all Kanban Tool users, and our CEO especially, have been impatiently waiting for. But here it is now!

Kanban Tool is all about managing your work and My Work widget will help you organize it further still.

Postpone a Task with My Work Widget

Together with Time Tracking, this is what enables you to meticulously plan and manage your work for a day or a week. Regardless of how many Kanban boards you have, in My Work widget you can display the tasks that you plan to do next, sort them with accordance to your preferences (prioritize) and even postpone for a set amount of time (x hours / x days / a specific date). When the time comes to work on a task, you will be reminded by the widget.

In this widget you will be notified when a new task has been assigned to you (the task will be listed in My Work widget). Also, when other team members make comments to your tasks, the title of that task will appear in bold, so you can see that there has been some new activity.

This is the feature, that enables you to use a number of Kanban boards efficiently and comfortably.

Tasks Postponed in My Work Widget

Please take note, that this widget is only available to users that have enrolled to a pricing plan that includes Time Tracking and Time Report features (Unlimited and Enterprise plans).

Switch to Enterprise or Unlimited pricing plan and start using My Work widget with Kanban Tool today.

Make your Kanban board an Information Radiator with Chromecast.02 Oct 2014

  • Today we are happy to introduce Kanban Cast - Kanban Tool's take on Chromecast. This will enable all Chromecast owners to create an insightful information radiator, based on a Kanban board.
  • Chromecast is the name of a streaming device, that works when plugged into a tv's HDMI port. It will mirror the screen of the particular device that it was plugged into. Therefore - if you plug it into a tv and to your computer (although it can be most modern devices that use Chrome) - you'll be able to create - from your KanbanTool - a perfect Information Radiator.

  • Kanban Cast by Kanban Tool

  • The reason that it makes a great impact, is that Kanban is mainly used by teams, that need to communicate effectively. To allow a swift information flow and reduce time spent on meetings and establishing common versions of a particular problem - just place an information radiator in a well-seen spot, so that everyone on the team can see the state of things at a glance.
  • The two main characteristics of a succesful information radiator are - the necessity for the information to change and adjust to current workflow, and the need for it to be very easily understood. Ideally, people should get the gist of the info just by glancing at it when walking by. This - combined with the idea of Kanban (visualize workflow and limit WIP) - makes the ultimate Kanban Radiator.

  • Kanban Tool introduces Kanban Cast

  • Now, what is left for you to do is, provided that you have a Chromecast, switch it on in Kanban Tool board view (right next to the tools+ section). Of course, you need to have the Chrome browser installed, together with the Google Cast extension. Make sure that your big screen is in a place visually accessible to all team members - on a wall, at which everyone can glance or a spot by a frequented doorway.
  • The application of Kanban Cast makes for great communication and efficiency within the team. Team members know a great deal of their work-mates' tasks, henceforth have a better idea of the big picture that they all contribute to. Also finding potential problems and problem-solvers is much easier, when all the goings-on are transparent to the whole team.

  • Kanban Cast

  • Switch on your Kanban Cast and start radiating the workflow onto your team with Kanban Tool today.

Kanban Tool as a Freelancer's Executive Manager24 Sep 2014

There are those of us lucky enough to work for themselves and report to no-one. The rare kind, who don't have a manager above their head. This can be a good or a bad thing. It's fantastic not to have to attend management meetings nor take orders. To decide on your own working hours and holidays. Great to be the decision maker in all aspects of the business.

The downside is, that it can prove quite tricky to stay on top of everything you have to do and to get in done on time. You are the one entity doing a wide range of jobs: getting supplies, advertising your services, contacting customers and doing follow-ups, delivering goods, arranging and tracking payments, accounting, perfecting your skills, networking, and finally working on the product or delivering the service itself. Get using Kanban Tool and:

  • Set due dates - nothing more motivating than a date visibly hanging in front of you. Use either a due date field, or set a striking color change if a task has not been touched for too long (Card aging Power-Up).

  • Set due dates
  • Write yourself comments to never forget that one thing your client asked you for, that you were certain you wouldn't forget, but ...what was it? Make notes and comments as you go and stay ahead of yourself.

  • Task comments
  • An extensive backlog will never let you lose an inspired idea. You may always change your mind about it, but it will be by choice, not by human memory failure. Some of the best ideas arrive when you're not actually working - send an email onto your board, where you'll describe the inspiration and think it over later, whenever you're ready.
  • Concentrate on one job at a time - limit work in progress - that is the one and most important thing in Kanban. Give yourself some peace of mind by making a conscious choice not to be working on more than x number of tasks ever again. Relieve yourself of the constant mind chatter working over the things you ought to be doing while you're doing something else. Leave the planning to Kanban Tool, armed with your desired policy and process.

  • Limit Work In Progress
  • Never again forget about a client meeting, a pick up or delivery - link tasks to a calendar, and it will remember it for you.
  • Measure work stages (use Kanban Tool's time tracking) to be able to plan better. This will allow you to provide better estimates on submission times, henceforth making you more reliable and professional. No one likes news of a delay. Also, if it happens that you charge an hourly rate for your service, this will enable you to rightly price your effort. Especially valuable for real passionate / artistic freelancers - because you love the work, you forget yourself to it and what seems like a joyful hour could have actually been 6.

  • Best time tracking
  • Police yourself - add column policies and relations, which will make sure that you follow the correct steps of your process, without omitting anything crucial or skipping a minor, but necessary step.
  • Achieve kaizen in your one-man business. Observe and analyze your patterns and statistics. By noticing regularities and dependencies it will be much easier to constantly improve yourself.

Get started with Kanban Tool today and find out for yourself how much easier and better freelancing can be!

Why is Kanban Tool the best kanban board service out there?18 Sep 2014

It stays simple:

Instead of trying to overwhealm users with new features, Kanban Tool leaves the choice to you. Power Ups allow choosing how much more complex you want it to be, it does not force features upon you. Therefore, Kanban Tool is not a hoarder of functions - more of a curator.

Kanban Tool Power Ups

Kanban Tool adjusts to your needs:

Easily make your board look and work the way you want it to, simply by creating desired number of lanes and columns, assigning the right policies and color-coding your task cards. Make good use of due dates, checklists and comments to ensure easy and effective communication in your team.

Being useful is its priority:

However cool new features are, Kanban Tool's objective is usefulness, hence we are always prioritizing the improvements in a way that puts usability increase over the design boost only.

Best time-tracking among available kanban board services and software:

  • - interactive - users can decide when their work has started, paused, finished
  • - users have the ability to edit their time records (when doing work off premises or when tracking was let going but the job was held up)
  • - seamless - the tracker follows your work without you having to mind it. Simply move the task to a column that is set as an In Progress column
Kanban Tool Time Tracker

Kanban Tool is fun and easy to use:

Once your columns are all set and Work In Progress properly limited - card creating, editing and pulling could not be simpler. Try it for yourself today!

SAML - One-Click Access to Kanban Tool10 Sep 2014

Our team continues to develop Kanban Tool's functionality, keeping the product powerful and scalable for large organizations. Now, we are happy to offer you quick and secure access to Kanban Tool with SAML2 based One-Click authentication. This solution will help you centralize the access control and allow your employees to access Kanban Tool and other services without a password.

Kanban Tool - Kanban board with SAML Single Sign on for companies

Identity management and single sign on is provided by many vendors, including online cloud identity providers such as OneLogin and SecureAuth. To learn how to configurate it, please visit our support site.

Kanban Tool On-Site Version 302 Sep 2014

Today, we have some exciting news to share. We are happy to announce the version 3 of Kanban Tool On-Site. The new edition brings over 600 changes, including seamless time tracking, time reporting and a collection of new Power-Ups.

Are you using Kanban Tool On-Site version 1.x.x or 2.x.x ? Upgrade it by following instructions on the Kanban Tool Support page. We have made the upgrade path as easy as possible and it should work flawlessly on all installations.

Kanban Tool On-Site Upgrade

Have you never used our on-site version before? Kanban Tool On-Site is a perfect solution if you are concerned about data security as it is fully autonomous, does not require internet connection, and allows to manage data backups according to any internal policies you may have. Find out more about it by visiting Kanban Tool On-Site.

Kanban Tool On-Site - terminal

Calendar widget13 Aug 2014

Today we would like to introduce you to a new Power-Up that you will love. Calendar widget allows you and your team to gain instant visibility into the work schedule and never miss a deadline. Visit Settings -> Power-Ups page to enable Calendar widget. A simple calendar will be added to board side panel with tasks' due dates.

Web Attachments Power-Up in

New WIP limits21 Jul 2014

In response to your suggestions, we have decided to expand the work-in-progress limit options. Now you can not only limit WIP by the task count per column but also restrict the number of tasks in a column per task difficulty or per user. Check out these new possibilities! Edit column settings and select the option that is the most valuable for you.

New Work-in-Progress limit options in Kanban Tool

Do you have something on your mind? Do you have a suggestion regarding Kanban Tool? You can give feedback or ask questions at

Auto assign Power-Up21 Jul 2014

Do you work in a team that utilizes Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban method and in which everyone independently decides about job to be performed? If yes, our new power-up is for you!

Auto assign power-up allows you to gain visibility over who is doing what in your team, without spending time on assigning tasks to each team member. With this power-up, tasks are automatically assigned to team members when they move them to columns marked as "In progress", and unassigned when they move them to "Queue / Waiting" columns. Enable new Auto assign feature by going to Settings -> Power-Ups.

Auto Assign Power-Up in Kanban Tool

Next, visit your Board editor. Edit columns in which you want tasks to be automatically assigned (choose lane type "In progress") and unassigned (select "Queue/ Waiting" lane type). Now you can fully enjoy the new power-up that brings extra convenience to software development, sales and support teams.

Auto Assign Power-Up: Change Column Lane Type on Kanban board

We look forward to your ideas for new power-ups!

Web Attachments Power-Up has been released11 Jul 2014

From images on Flickr, notes on Evernote, to GitHub pull requests and documents stored on internal network, the new Web Attachments power-up allows you to easily attach anything to tasks. Even links to other cards can be attached to create simple dependencies.

Web Attachments Power-Up in

To get started, enable the Web Attachments power-up on the Settings > Power-ups page.

8 Tips to get the most value out of Time Tracker26 Jun 2014

You got the feature, but having troubles figuring out how to use it efficiently? These few tips will guide you in the right direction to get the most value out of tracking time.

  • Set up your columns! The beauty of our time tracker is that it will track time for you seamlessly. It simply follows your work flow and starts/stops timers accordingly with no additional actions required.
  • Do not abandon your board. Make sure to pull your cards and indicate which cards are you working on at the moment. Your time reports and other metrics will be highly inaccurate if you decide to pull all work at last minute.
  • Out of office work. You may add time entries manually when you were working on a task and haven't had chance to start it. Start a timer, press on a time entry, edit one of the entries from expanded list to reflect your real working hours.
  • Great performance indicator. Cross evaluate your working time on individual card colors or tagged cards to estimate how much time they will take in the future.
  • Bill by an hour? As a freelancer, accountant or any other service paid by hour, create your client cards and start your timers. Fill your client cards with useful information and use checklists for smaller tasks that count towards completion.
  • High complexity projects? They will often require a more complex work flow thus consider one board per project. You will be able to generate summary reports and detailed reports of your work.
  • No time entries? Scold your team and get them to use Kanban board. Having everyone on the same page is the key to successful Kanban workflow.
  • Time tracker panel – use the right-side time tracking panel for all your recent activities and tasks you will be working on. Do not let yourself get flooded with tasks that are not your priority. Eliminate waste and have a clear view of your recent work.

These simple tips will ensure that Time Tracking does not go to waste. The value comes from proper usage!

10 challenges that Kanban Tool solves13 Jun 2014

10 challenges that Kanban Tool solves
  • Lack of organization

    Perhaps the most common problem most of us are facing. Visual approach to organization will allow you to stay on top of your tasks. Keep all your work data in one place including attachments and archives.
  • Missed deadlines

    Deadline information visible at a glance will never let you forget about important due dates. Prioritetize tasks and track how many days are left on each task from the board view.
  • Communication slip-ups

    Assign tasks and communicate the objectives with your team. Proper communication is crucial to ensure quality delivery. Spot problems early to avoid wasting time.
  • Overwhelmed with information

    Concentrate on important tasks. Mark your items and view only the data you want to see. Filter your boards and display only needed stages and swimlanes.
  • Status information

    See where you are at by looking at the board and evaluating cumulative flow diagram. CFD will allow you to estimate time until completion, performance and possible bottlenecks.
  • Inconsistency

    Enforce work flow processes to ensure that team completes tasks in line with your policies. This way all work will be addressed properly.
  • Not agile

    You will experience the real power of visual approach once you implement Kanban, Scrum or Agile methods and use WIP limits, Lead & Cycle Time estimations and Cumulative Flow Diagrams.
  • Limited access

    Online platform will allow you to access your work flow from anywhere on any device. Do you have access only to your email? That's more than enough as you may add tasks via email as well.
  • Rigid layout

    Need flexibility in creating your ideal work flow? You will be able to tailor your boards to your liking and organize work into swimlanes. Modify your cards to display only the information you want to see.
  • Productivity

    Keep track of your activities by seamlessly tracking time and generating time reports. Check metrics and evaluate the performance to introduce adjustments.

Attach and work on files from Box20 May 2014

Box is now integrated with Kanban Tool. Our new power-up allows you to link files from your Box account to any task on your Kanban board. Now, all your work materials such as important documents, pictures, forms or worksheets are stored online in one place, ensuring maximum productivity and effective team collaboration.

To activate Box file attachments visit Power-Ups section, choose "Box" and click on a green "Enable" button. Done! Now you can attach documents to your cards directly from Box service. Enjoy!

Kanban Tool with Box integration - how to attach files form Box

Kanban Tool introduces seamless Time Tracking16 Apr 2014

We have something big today. We are happy to introduce seamless Time Tracking! Why seamless? There is no extra clicking required to start your timers! Simply drag a task to your working column and the timer will start itself. You can work as usual with Kanban Tool and get insightful time reports on how you spent your time.

Kanban Tool Time Tracking - Timers list

How to get started with seamless Time Tracking?

If you are Kanban Tool customer, upgrade to Enterprise plan. Then edit lane types for each column in Board editor. There are three possible lane types which will trigger different actions:
- Queue/Waiting - here the timer pauses.
- In progress - the timer starts.
- Done - the timer stops and the task is removed from the list of timers.
New to Kanban Tool? Create your account >> and experience how time tracking should really work.

Get deeper insight with powerful Time Reports

Wondering what your team is doing? With insightful time reports, you always know how much time your team spends on any activity. To get an overview on how your team spends time select Summary report. On the bar graph you will see the total time spent working each day.
Kanban Tool Time Tracking: Summary report - bar metric
A more detailed breakdown is also available, allowing you to track each team member's performance and logged hours. Kanban Tool Time Tracking: Summary report - breakdown chart
Detailed report shows a detailed list of all timers. It displays a sum of time spent, number of tasks and total number of entries. Every time you start and pause timers a new entry is created here. Account administrators can modify and remove entries by clicking on the icons to the right of each row. Regular users can also edit and remove their entries.
Kanban Tool Time Tracking - Detailed report
You can also filter all reports by: boards, time interval, users, task types and tags.
Kanban Tool Time Tracking - Time Reports filters
Furthermore, you can export your reports to PDF file and print them out or simply save them as a CSV file.

If you are do not see the option to upgrade to Time Tracking (Enterprise plan), contact us at

Workflow stage notifications10 Mar 2014

Recently, we have presented you how to automatically copy tasks between different Kanban boards using Zapier. Today, we would like to show you another possibility - how to set up an email notification that is automatically send to your email address when a card is moved to a specified column.

It is particularly useful when columns on you board are assigned to team members or to specific company's departments (for example if you are using Heijunka board). The person or a department will receive an email notification right after a new task will be moved to their column.

The procedure of setting up notifications is similar to the one we have explained in the previous post How to link tasks between boards using Zapier. To start, create a Zapier account and paste your Kanban Tool API token on Zapier page. Next, choose a trigger and an action like on the picture below (of course, you can choose other email service). Kanban Tool and Zapier: Choose a trigger (Kanban Tool) and action (Gmail)

Then, you should decide which column should trigger the notification. For example:

Kanban Tool and Zapier: Set up a trigger

Finally, you can define the addressee of email notifications and its content. The following options are available:
- To - who will this email be sent to?
- Cc - who should be cc'd on this email?
- Bcc - who should be bcc'd on this email?
- From Name - this will be your "display name" when sending.
- From Email - from email address.
- Reply To - specify a reply address other than your own.
- Subject
- Plain Body
- Attachment - a file object to be attached to the email. Plain text content will be converted into a txt file and attached.

Please, note that each email field can be supplemented with information from the card.

Kanban Tool and Zapier: Choose card fields for plain email body

MOZ special offer for Kanban Tool users24 Feb 2014

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With the goal to provide services of a highest value to our users, Kanban Tool is happy to announce a partnership with MOZ - a world famous marketing tool providing insightful analytics and estimates.

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How to link tasks between boards using Zapier20 Feb 2014

Did you know that you can automatically copy tasks between different Kanban boards using Zapier? Wondering how this can help you and your company to work faster?

Lets say, you always notify your support department when tasks tagged as "important customer" are done. With Zapier, you can easily automate this. When you finish such task and move it to the "Done" column, Zapier can automagically copy it to the "Customer support" board, letting the support staff know.

How to set an automatic flow of tasks between boards? It's easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  • 1. Create a Zapier account. Log into your Kanban Tool account and while on Dashboard go to "My profile" tab, then "API access". Generate your API token and paste it on Zapier page.
  • 2. Start creating your own Zap by choosing a trigger and action.

  • Kanban Tool and Zapier: Choose a trigger and action
  • 3. Select a Kanban Tool account (Trigger)
  • 4. Select a Kanban Tool account (Action)
  • 5. Filter Kanban Tool triggers

  • Kanban Tool and Zapier: Filter Kanban Tool triggers
  • 6. Match up fields on cards

  • Kanban Tool and Zapier: Match up Kanban Tool Card to Kanban Tool Card
  • 7. Test this Zap - to see if it works properly
  • 8. Name and turn this Zap on. Your Zap is ready!

Visit Kanban Tool Zapbook to explore more ideas on how to eliminate time-consuming actions. Automate work and improve productivity with Kanban Tool and Zapier! See also our other integrations.

Attach files from SkyDrive11 Feb 2014

SkyDrive is another great file hosting service that Kanban Tool has integrated with to help you boost collaboration within your team. From now, you and your team members can upload files not only from computer, Google Drive and Dropbox, but also from SkyDrive!

Adding files from SkyDrive to Kanban board card

First, to be able to attach documents from SkyDrive to your Kanban cards, please visit "Power-Ups" tab and click on "SkyDrive". Next, click "Enable" button. Integration is now ready for use.

SkyDrive Power-Up from Kanban Tool

Collaborate on files from Google Drive and Dropbox28 Jan 2014

Do you feel lost in the pile of papers you have on your desk? Would you like to keep all your documents organized and stored at one place? Now you can! Attach your files from Dropbox and Google Drive to Kanban Tool cards and collaborate on them in real-time with other team members. Try out these new power-ups!

Dropbox and Google Drive powerups

Dropbox and Google Drive power-ups help you keep documents and tasks together. You can add files from your Dropbox and Google Drive account to any task and collaborate on them.

How to start? To attach a Dropbox or Google Drive file, simply click on the "+ add attachment" link, and choose "Attach from Dropbox" or "Attach from Google Drive" from the dropdown menu. Enjoy real-time collaboration with Kanban Tool!

Google Drive and Dropbox integration Kanban card view

Do you know any other great service to integrate with? Send us a hint!

2013 Summary: The Big Six of Kanban Tool Changes13 Jan 2014

The year 2013 was for us a year of intense work and maximal concentration on providing professional Kanban solution. We did our best to provide you with a well-designed, even more intuitive and easier to customize visual project management solution. In 2013 we have successfully released a bunch of new features and improvements. Below, we present the Big Six of the most important changes we made in Kanban Tool during 2013.

1. New Kanban board design

At the beginning of 2013 we have updated the look of Kanban boards. We made it much lighter, modern and user-friendly. Additionally, we have refreshed the navigation and implemented some small improvements to make it even more simple and intuitive.

Kanban board switcher

2. Kanban Tool On-Site

Kanban Tool On-Site is the perfect solution for especially large companies that comply with the highest data security standard and cannot use cloud-based solutions. On-premise Kanban boards can be easily customized to fit businesses of all types and sizes. Moreover, they can be easily integrated with your own IT infrastructure and existing systems. Interested in Kanban Tool On-Site offer? Contact us.

3. Zapier integration

Zapier enables you to connect Kanban Tool with other web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks. You haven't tried it yet? Just visit the Kanban Tool integrations page on Zapier. Select an application you want to sync Kanban Tool with and create your first Zap.

Kanban Tool has integrated with Zapier

4. Search filters

Powerful search filters will allow you to gain greater visibility over your workflow. For more advanced filtering you can use multiple filters together.

Kanban board search filters

5. Power-ups

Do you know that you can easily customize Kanban Tool to meet your needs and expectations using power-ups? The collection of power-ups provides you with additional features and widgets that allow you to personalize your Kanban boards. At the moment you can choose from the following:

Kanban board power-ups

6. Scripts

The number of available power-ups is growing fast, as well as the collection of cool Developer Tools scripts. The following scripts are already available at our repository on High contrast, Large font, Card tilt, Delete all, Sorting animations, Fixed cards height, Save and done, Task done, Change column, Working time and Swimlane height.

We are working to add some more soon! But, you don't have to wait for us! If you know basic Javascript and CSS you can can add your own scripts to Kanban Tool repository and benefit from unlimited customization possibilities!

Thank you for using Kanban Tool throughout 2013. We hope that all these improvements will positively affect your productivity, make your work easier and far more pleasant in 2014. Should you have any questions or suggestions about them, please let us know by sending feedback. Your opinions are valuable for us and help us make Kanban Tool better every year. Remember to subscribe to our blog, not to miss the next big announcements this year!

Add kanban tasks quicker with new power-up07 Jan 2014

Ben Franklin said that “time is money.” Therefore, every day our team looks for ways to improve Kanban Tool so you can work faster and save your valuable time. Today, we are happy to introduce a new power-up which will enhance your performance.

"Add task box" power-up speeds up creating new cards on your kanban board. It adds a simple box at the end of each list, allowing you to enter new tasks quickly.

Add task box for quicker kanban card creation

That's not all! We have prepared for you a new power-up script that will help you save space on your board."Swimlane height" reduces minimal swimlanes height by adjusting it to the number of cards per swimlane.

that reduces minimal swimlane height

Final Christmas countdown with Kanban board20 Dec 2013

Christmas holidays are only few days away. Everyone rushes around trying to prepare for the holidays and end up totally stressed out. We know how it is and thus we have a perfect time management tip for you. Just take it easy and prepare Kanban board that will help you to survive very last days of the Christmas rush.

Write down all things that need to be done before holidays. Organize your tasks using colors, swim lanes and priorities. Kanban board will help you finish everything on time. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Final Christmas countdown with Kanban board

New Developer Tools power-up scripts04 Dec 2013

We never stop improving Kanban Tool. Even if it is snowing and bitter cold. Today we have for you a brand new collection of Developer Tools power-up scripts. We hope that they will make customization and use of Kanban Tool even easier.

Save and done

This script adds a new option to a task view. If you will check the option 'Task done', the task will be saved and moved to the last column.

Kanban Tool Script - Save and done

Task done

After activating the script, the new option "Task done" will be displayed in the context menu. It will allow you to quickly move the card to the last column on your Kanban board.

Kanban Tool Script - Task done

Change column

This script will help you move tasks between columns even faster thanks to an additional menu item.

Kanban Tool Script - Task done

Working time

Would you like to know how long the tasks are on your board? This script makes it possible. "Working time" option will allow you to see the information on how long the task is active. The time will be displayed on the card in the left corner.

Kanban Tool Script - Task done

Do you have any upgrade ideas or would you like to see new features being developed in the future? Send us your feedback at

Customize cards height13 Nov 2013

Thanks to a new script - Fixed cards height, which can be loaded with the Developer Tools power-up, you can make all cards the same height. This script blocks the auto-scaling feature of cards and makes them appear next to each other without spaces in between them.

You can choose form the following card heights: small, medium, large, XL.

The Kanban board example by Kanban Tool with fixed cards height

We are looking forward to your ideas for future releases and new power-ups.

Revive your board with sorting animations28 Oct 2013

Would you like to add a little bit of life to your task board? If yes, we have a nice surprise for you. Recently we have added a new script to the repository for the Developer Tools power-up.

A script Sorting animations by Adam Horesh, a programmer at Kontera Israel, adds various animations to card moves. Each card color has its own cool animation.

Sorting animations preview

To enable movement animations, copy the link to the script and enter it as shown below.

Enable sorting animations

Adding tasks with Siri on iOS devices21 Oct 2013

Siri is the iOS voice-controlled assistant that lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, search Google and much more.

Now, you can use Siri on iOS devices to add tasks to your Kanban Tool board! It's possible thanks to the add tasks via email feature. Each Kanban Tool board has it's own unique email address. Sending emails at this address will add tasks to your board.

To add tasks to your Kanban board via Siri, simply follow this three-step instruction.

Step 1: Add your board address (read how to generate email address that will be directly assigned to your Kanban board) to your address book, for example as „Kanban board”.

Step 2: Tell Siri to send an email using the following command:
„Send email to [recipient] about [subject] and say [email body].”

For example, to add a task to the board Kanban board with the task name Prepare a presentation and with a task description New product presentation tell Siri to:

"Send email to Kanban board about open square bracket Prepare a presentation close square bracket and say New product presentation".

Step 3: Say „Yes” to finally send the email and to add the task to your Kanban Tool board. It's done!

Do you have suggestions on how we can improve Kanban Tool? Share your ideas with us.

Work faster and smarter with Task navigator 16 Oct 2013

Our team works hard to make Kanban Tool easier and faster to use. Therefore, we are happy to announce the release of a new power-up!

Task navigator allows you to easily switch between tasks. When card is open you can quickly navigate between previous and next tasks with left/right arrows.

task navigator for kanban cards

We look forward to your ideas for new power-ups!

New search filters15 Oct 2013

Thank you very much for your positive feedback on search filters. We are pleased that you enjoy this feature. Additionally, your emails have inspired us to add new search filters. Now you can filter cards by the update time: updated today, updated this week or updated in custom number of days.

New Kanban board search filters

Remember that your feedback is valuable for us. Your suggestions make Kanban Tool better.

Don't miss a thing with Team activity widget!09 Oct 2013

Have you ever missed a comment or wanted to know what has been recently going on? View recent activities of other team members and don't miss a thing!

Team activity widget adds a list of recent activities to the side-panel, which include comments, card moves and much more. To enable team activity widget, please go to the "Settings" page and choose "Power-ups" tab.

Team activity widget

That's not all we have for you today! We have added a new script which can be loaded using Developer Tools power-up. The Delete all script adds the "delete all" option to the cell context menu.

Delete all script

Keep visiting our repository on for more inspiration.

Introducing Power-ups: a new way to customize everything (you love) in Kanban Tool!19 Sep 2013

We’re very excited to announce the launch of power-ups! With power-ups you can customize your boards and fine-tune your experience with Kanban Tool.

For start you can choose from the following: Card Block, Card Aging and Developer Tools. We are working to add even more awesomeness soon. Stay tuned!

And with little javascript knowledge you can even write your custom power-ups too! Look at our repository on for some inspiration.

To get started, please go to the "Settings" page and visit the new "Power-ups" tab. Following is an outline of what you will find there.

Kanban Tool power-ups

Card block

With this power-up cards can be marked as blocked from the context menu. Blocked cards cannot be moved, they have distinctive look and a message explaining why they are blocked.

Card Aging

With this power-up cards without any activity become more transparent as time passes.

Developer Tools

With this power-up you can add your own custom scripts and stylesheets to your board. A collection of cool free scripts is available on The following scripts are already available:

High contrast boards
This is perfect if you display Kanban Tool on large TV screens. This script adds another option to the tools menu, which changes the default colors into high-contrast ones.

High contrast kanban boards

Larger font on cards
Enable this script if you want to fine-tune the default font size and make it bigger. Use medium-font.css to make the font slightly bigger, and large-font.css to make it extra large. You can mix this script with High contrast to get even better experience on TV screens.

Larger font on kanban cards

Card tilt
Bored with perfect card alignment? Try this out if you want to add more fun to your boards.

Kanban card tilt

Do you know basic Javascript and CSS? Do you have more ideas for new scripts? Add your own scripts to Kanban Tool repository and benefit from unlimited customization possibilities.

Powerful search filters09 Sep 2013

We’re happy to announce the launch of search filters for Kanban Tool boards. This feature will allow you to gain even greater visibility and control over your workflow. You can use search filtering option to see only these tasks that are assigned to you or to any of your team members. Moreover, you can filer cards by the custom card type and by due dates. You need more advanced filtering? No problem. You can use multiple filters together.

Kanban board search filters

We hope you like the new features. We are constantly improving our online kanban boards to better meet your needs.

100% more Kanban boards and custom fields31 Jul 2013

Many of Kanban Tool users requested more boards available in Free plan. We have made your wishes come true and we've doubled the number of Kanban boards available on Free plan. Now all Free plan users can use two boards free of charge, instead of just one.

Secondly, we've increased the number of available custom fields. From now on, you can customize your kanban card template and add up to 10 custom fields to better visualize and easily manage your workflow.

If you have any suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Introducing better notifications25 Jun 2013

Would you like to know what is going on with tasks that you have added to the board? Now, by default, you will receive an email notification each time the task that you have created has been commented.

We are constantly improving our service to better meet your needs. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make KanbanTool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

Keeping track of a great number of projects is easy with Kanban Tool - Interview with the Director of Operational Solutions at Playworks16 May 2013

Director of Operational Solutions at Playworks

Today we present an interview with Dave Gilmore, Director of Operational Solutions at Playworks, where they envision that one day every child will have an opportunity for safe and healthy play every single day. We asked him about his work and his experience with using Kanban Tool.

KT: What do you do at work?

D.G.: My job touches on a lot of areas, but generally I focus on business services and connecting our teams to the resources that they need to achieve our mission. This ranges from administering logistical systems to training folks on software.

KT: What do you use Kanban Tool for? Can you tell us how your board looks like?

D.G.: I use Kanban Tool to keep an overall projects board that we use to report out on in-process initiatives. I also have a very specific board for our facilities, as I am constantly juggling over 20 office leases at any time and it's been great at keeping track of what stages those leases are in.

KT: In your opinion, what is the most important benefit of using Kanban Tool?

D.G.: The most important benefit of Kanban Tool is that it takes what would normally be on a messy physical board with index cards or markers, and boils it down to something more agile.

KT: What do you value most in Kanban Tool? Do you have your favorite feature?

D.G.: My favorite feature is customization and simplicity. There's nothing in Kanban Tool that you can't tailor to your exact processes, yet no matter how complex you make it, it always looks clean and simple.

KT: Thank you, Dave!

And what do you use Kanban Tool for? Please share your story with our growing Kanban community.

Kanban Tool Team is proudly supporting non-profit and educational organizations but providing discounts. Contact us to get more details.

Goal-Setting Tips That Work!10 May 2013

Goal Setting

Goal setting is crucial for getting what you want. They help you move in the right direction. Obviously, goals will not automatically make your life better or make you rich. It’s up to you to set goals that make you happy and that are right for you. Today, we would like to show you some powerful tips that will help you to set inspiring and realistic goals.

One of the most effective ways to set goals is to utilize the S.M.A.R.T criteria. The acronym SMART has a number of slightly different variations, which can be used to provide a more comprehensive definition for goal setting:

  • S - specific, significant, stretching
  • M - measurable, meaningful, motivational
  • A - agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
  • R - realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
  • T - time-based, timely, tangible, trackable

The idea behind the SMART technique is to evaluate each of your goals in terms of five criteria. Let's have a look at them:

  • Specific - goals must be clear and unambiguous. Vagaries and platitudes have no place in goal setting.
  • Measurable - making your goals measurable will help you know when you’re making progress, when you’re on the right track, and will motivate you to take action.
  • Achievable - you should set a goal that is attainable. Based on the present restrictions such as your schedule, workload, and knowledge, do you believe you can attain the objective you set?
  • Realistic - set a goal you have a realistic chance of achieving. If you set a highly unrealistic goal, it will discourage you from taking action and even taking the first step.
  • Time-based - goals must have a deadline. Setting a deadline reinforces the seriousness of the goal in your mind. It motivates you to take action.

There is also an extended version of the SMART Method. It is called the SMARTEST goal setting technique that I use to fire up one’s commitment to a higher level of successful goal setting. It includes three additional criteria:

  • Engaging - a goal should be stimulating and challenging enough, and should be able to rouse you from your slumber, so that you begin working towards it.
  • Shifting - remember that the only thing constant in this world is change. Be flexible. Adjust your goals to changing circumstances.
  • Team Effort - goals are best realized with team effort! Use the Law of Synergy to to achieve your goals faster and accelerate the results.

Goals are what keep us focused on the present. Remember to plan regular goal check-ins to gauge your progress, review your next steps and celebrate your successes.

How do you establish your goals? What is your experience with SMART and SMARTEST formula? Let us know.

How to prioritize tasks29 Apr 2013

Do you feel like you have so much to do that you don’t know where to start? Everything that requires your attention seems like a priority? We are going to show you how to prioritize your tasks and eliminate the ensuing chaos.

First, list everything that needs to be done. Then, decide about three aspects of each task.


Consider the value of each completed task in terms of the impact on the other tasks on your list. Answer a question: “If I do not complete these tasks, what will happen?” Take into account the positive results of accomplishing certain tasks on your list. What kind of benefit will it bring you?

Effort required

Mark the effort required for each task. Consider the time and resources needed to complete each task.


Consider an upcoming deadline. Decide which of the items on your list must be done today, this week, this month or even this year.

Create a table (as you can see in the picture below). Rate each task in terms of importance, effort and urgency. Group the tasks with the highest importance and least amount of effort. Decide which ones need to be done first based upon upcoming deadlines. Tasks of low importance and urgency can be deferred.

How to prioritize tasks

How do you deal with prioritizing? Do you know any other methods you would like to share with us?

Interactive to-do-list and "project manager" privileges 24 Apr 2013

Over the weekend we have successfully released new interactive to-do-lists. Now you can view and check off listed items without opening the card itself by simply moving the mouse over the to-do-list progress bar. We hope it will enhance your experience with using KanbanTool to-do-lists.

interactive to-do list

We have added "Project manager" as a new type of account access privileges. Project managers can create new boards, share them and invite others. They can only manage the boards they have created and cannot see or access other boards unless they have been shared with them. They can invite new users, but cannot access the 'People' tab to modify their details.

Please tell us what you think about the new features and feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. Your feedback is always appreciated.

How to finally overcome procrastination?16 Apr 2013

"You may delay, but time will not." ~ Benjamin Franklin

If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you’re not alone. We’ve all suffered from procrastination from time to time. Probably the worst part about procrastination is its uncanny ability to rob us of time. When it comes to work, procrastination definitely costs us dearly. In order to stop procrastinating now consider the following procrastination tips.

  • There’s always more to do than can be done. Then ask yourself if you’re getting the right things done to be sure that you're moving in the right direction.
  • Create challenging goals! However, remember that they should be reasonable as to not discourage you. Set hard-and-fast deadlines for your goals.
  • Tell your friends about your goals. If they know about your projects, they will probably ask you about them on a regular basis.
  • Break down your goals into daily tasks and make a list of them. Create hard-and-fast deadlines for your tasks.
  • At the end of each day put aside 15 minutes to write a to-do list for tomorrow.
  • Get rid of the distractions around you. You can clean off your desk, log out from social media or simply close the door.
  • Stop over-complicating! Are you waiting for a perfect time to do something? Now is not the best time because of various reasons? Face the truth: there’s never a perfect time. Do it now!
  • Examine the consequences. One way to motivate yourself is to consider the negative effects of your inaction.
  • Ask for help. There is always somebody who knows the solution. Don't waste your time on figuring it out.
  • Reward yourself with a break, a movie or some kind of treat as you progress. Little rewards along the way can make it easier to accomplish a big goal.
  • Thank you for reading this short list of tips. What is your best way to crush procrastination?

8 Productive Tips to Work Faster08 Apr 2013

Being productive is a great advantage. So, today, we will give you some tips on how to work faster and be productive with great results.

1. Focus

Pareto rule says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of what you spend your time on. Now, ask yourself a question: Is what I am doing right now really contributing to the progress for me? And if the answer is “No”, maybe finish what you’ve been doing and then start re-structuring your work life to slowly focus on these 20% that really make a difference. This lets you work faster indirectly by removing tasks that barely contribute to your overall success.

2. Prioritize

Not all work tasks are of equal importance. When deciding which tasks require your immediate attention, focus on the consequences of not completing the task. Remember that even an urgent task with an extended deadline for completion can sometimes be put on hold while completing a job with an immediate deadline.

3. Delegate

If you can outsource some of your tasks that others can do better or you just don’t want to do and are slow getting results, then just do it. ‘Time is money’ is a just a phrase but it is true when it comes to your working power.

4. Avoid Interruptions

Interruptions kill your effectiveness. If you are constantly interrupted and lose focus on what you are doing, you have to adjust your working environment. Think back to your last workday, and consider for a minute the many interruptions that occurred. Try to find simple ways to avoid them.

5. Stop procrastination

We are all guilty of delaying what needs to be done at some time or another. We usually do it to avoid a task that’s unpleasant or daunting.  But when procrastinating starts to interfere with performance at work it's time to break the cycle of putting off important tasks.

6. Do instead of think

It can be amazing how much you can do when you stop questioning and just do what needs to be done. Put all your tasks on the board and... Just do it!

7. Daily checkout

At the end of a day find some time to analyze your results. Analyze your work flow and what you have learnt today.

8. Raise Your Own Expectations

Raising your own personal expectations can enable you to accomplish more than you’ve ever thought possible. Set courageous goals and you will achieve outstanding results.

Did we miss something? Share with us what strategies you use to work faster.

Kanban Tool integrates with JIRA. Meet Kanbanira.28 Mar 2013

Today we have something special for Kanban Tool and Atlassian JIRA® users! We have successfully launched a Google Chrome Extension called Kanbanira. Now you can connect tasks in Kanban Tool with issues in JIRA®. It's a simple but powerful integration allowing you to gain the most benefit from the both tools. All you need to start is visit Kanbanira page on Google Web Store and watch a video on how to integrate Kanban Tool with Atlassian JIRA® using Kanbanira. Then, add Kanbanira to Chrome and enjoy new possibilities.

We have also improved and refreshed the design of Kanban Tool charts. You can easily customize Cumulative Flow by clicking on items in the legend. Take pleasure form operating with nice-looking diagrams and graphs and simplify the workflow analysis by using new features.

Kanban Cumulative Flow Diagram

That's not all! We have added a „take a screenshot” button to a board „tools” menu. This feature allows you to quickly save and print your entire board. Unfortunately, this option is not available for the users of Internet Explorer 8 (or lower editions).

If you have any suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know in your feedback. All opinions are appreciated.

Kanban Tool On-Site is now available25 Mar 2013

Recently, we have received many requests from you to launch an on-premise version of Kanban Tool. It's finally here! After weeks of hard work, we're happy to announce the release of Kanban Tool On-Site. Now you can deploy Kanban Tool on your own server and keep all important data safe and secure inside your company.

On-premise Kanban boards are the perfect solution especially for large companies and international corporations that deal with sensitive data and cannot use cloud-based solutions. Kanban Tool On-Site can be easily customized to fit business of all types and sizes as well as integrated with your own IT infrastructure and existing systems.

Find our more about on-premise Kanban boards offer by visiting Kanban Tool On-Site page. Contact us to purchase Kanban Tool On-Site or to get more information.

5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team13 Mar 2013

Today, many of us work regularly with colleagues based in different buildings, cities, countries, and even continents. A remote team is a common occurrence. Here are five tips for remote team management to help you manage your team more effectively.

1. Set and share team goals

Working from home is appealing to relatively introverted people. Make sure the employees you hire enjoy working on their own but also thrive on stepping forward. Allow them to actively suggest new ideas, create their own projects, set and share personal goals, and recommend solutions.

The key to ensure the employees work effectively in a remote environment is to help them be self-motivated by providing clearly outlined goals, making them responsible for results, and generating individual accountability plans with a self-monitoring system. Employees working as team members need to know and understand what they are doing together. If they understand only their own role and their own work, they will always remain just individual contributors. Start with establishing SMARTER objectives for your team:
S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Relevant, T- Time bound, E- Engaging and R- Resourced.

Share goals with you team members. Discuss the objectives with your team and allow each member to suggest changes. Require week reports from your team members or use KanbanTool Analytics tool to track the workflow.

2. Focus on results

Let your team members manage their own time. This sends the message that you trust your employees. However, require them to show up on time for important meetings and to be available during the team's general working hours. Provide them with the tools to access their work remotely. Remember, remote employees should focus on accomplishing objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Great remote employees finish tasks ahead of time—on and ask for more.

3. Give people shorter assignments

This is not the time to give people long assignments and hope that they are completed by the deadline. Instead of assigning a three-week activity, for instance, assign the work in three one-week activities. Shorter-term due dates and Work In Progress limits help avoid multitasking and improve the workflow.

4. Communicate effectively and frequently

With working remotely, communication becomes even harder to maintain and manage. Regularly check in with members to monitor progress and provide necessary feedback. Keep members apprised of crucial information and decisions. People can start to feel isolated if they do not receive regular communications. It is hard enough to keep everyone informed on a “regular” project.

The communication lines on a virtual team must be opened up especially wide. Schedule a conference or video conference calls often. Send out group emails addressing particular projects. Encourage your team members to use comments on KanbanTool cards to ask question or share ideas with attachments. Be sure to choose the most effective method of communication that fits your remote team’s needs. Discuss other ways to ensure your team members are communicating frequently enough with each other to prevent mistakes, unnecessary progress on cancelled projects, or to announce breaking news and emergencies. If you choose the most effective means of communicating for your team, you will ensure your remote employees are up to speed on all important matters.

5. Create Team Spirit

Remote workers often feel detached from the “mother ship”. The manager must endeavour to create a sense of bond with the team and company. Here are some ways to create the sense of community among team members that they are missing by not being in a co-located office environment: monthly team meetings (teleconferences or video conferences), rotating responsibility for chairing the monthly meetings, celebrating birthdays or outstanding personal and team achievements, allowing employees to use instant messaging to communicate informally, and creating opportunities for team members to collaborate on improvements.

Kanban board for managing online store sales process07 Mar 2013

Kanban boards bring continuous improvements in workflow management to many different organizations. They help to successfully conducting all kinds of projects as well as to manage complex processes.

Today we would like to present you an example on how to use KanbanTool for managing an online store sales process.

Kanban board for managing online store sales process
As you can see on the picture, we divided our board into 3 main columns: “Order received”, “Payment received”. “Order prepared and sent” and 8 subcolumns: “Order checked”, “Order confirmation sent”, “Payment checked”, “Payment confirmation sent”, “Order picking”, “Order dispatched, “Dispatch confirmation sent”, “Feedback form sent”. We also decided to add two swimlanes that will separate orders from our returning customers and new clients. We did it for two reasons. First of all, we wanted to reward returning customers and offer them a special treatment. We will send our loyal customers (along with the order confirmation) a special thanks for continuing purchases in our store as well as a small gift (together with a product dispatch). Secondly, the information about returning customers should be in our data base and we know that some actions can be done faster.

Cards on our Kanban board represent orders. The color of a card helps to identify a category of online store products covered by the order. Icons on a card inform us about the high priority task (red arrow) and about the number of days left to send the dispatch because each order has to be sent up to 14 days after we received an order from a customer. When we point the date in the “Due date” field on card when the dispatch should be send, the icon with the number of days remaining will show up on a card. Attachments help us to keep all documents concerning the particular order in one place.

More advanced users can use Zapier to integrate KanbanTool with Shopify. To learn how to do it, please visit KanbanTool integrations page on Zapier.

Kanban board is a perfect tool for managing online sales. It can significantly improve sales process management by organizing orders from customers into tasks. This way you can see all orders in one central place.

Share with us your story on how you designed your Kanban board and how do you use KanbanTool to achieve better results.

KanbanTool has integrated with Zapier!27 Feb 2013

We’re excited to announce that KanbanTool is now integrated with Zapier. This is the easiest way to sync KanbanTool with other web services you and your team already use on a daily basis.

Zapier hooks KanbanTool up with over 200 applications. There are so many possibilities waiting for you to try them out!

Take a look at some ideas you might like to use:

  • - create a new KanbanTool card via: Gmail Email, Google Tasks, Evernote Note, Basecamp Todo, Zendesk Ticket, Wufoo Entry, GitHub Issue or... SMS
  • - set new orders in Shopify to create new cards in KanbanTool
  • - automatically create new Google Calendar Event from new KanbanTool task.
KanbanTool has integrated with Zapier

Just visit the KanbanTool integrations page on Zapier. Select an application you want to sync Kanban Tool with and create your first Zap. Setting this up is easy! Follow instructions from Zapier to get started.

Have fun!
KanbanTool Team

Card blocking and other goodies from KanbanTool21 Feb 2013

Does it often happen to you that you can't finish your work due to circumstances that are beyond your control? Do you face the lack of information, equipment or decision making power that makes it impossible to move forward? Now you can inform other team members about your problem by simply blocking a card on a Kanban board. Click left mouse button on a card, choose "Block task", describe why you want to block it and confirm the action. You will not be able to move the card until you unlock it.

Card blocking on Kanban board

Secondly, we have improved the search box. Search result for card titles, card types, tags etc. also include tasks located in collapsed columns. If collapsed column contains the task that matches search query, information about it will be displayed in the form of blue box.

Finally, it is very common that people use card "Description" field as a place where they can write down ideas and important information. They copy and paste pieces of text from multiple documents, web sites or emails to keep everything in one place. As a result, a mixture of styles and sizes of text is blended together and information on the card becomes unreadable. To make the text look equal you can select text area and click on "Remove Formatting" button.

Remove formatting from kanban card description

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to improve KanbanTool, please feel free to send us your feedback. It is always appreciated.

How to organize business meeting using online Kanban board?11 Feb 2013

Meetings are an important part of the business world. Make them a positive part of your business operations by organizing them well and fast. Start with developing a concise checklist for preparing a meeting and transfer it to a Kanban board. This is how we did it.

First of all, we created a new board using the Basic Kanban Board Template. Secondly, we decided to use swimlanes in order to distinguish areas of actions related to the preparation of the meeting. We named our swimlanes as follows: "Invite people", "Arrange venue", "Arrange catering" and "Run event". To facilitate the distribution of tasks, make it clear and visible for everyone, we assigned team members to swimlanes. However, you can use a different option, and assign tasks directly to people.

Online Kanban Board for organizing business meeting

Next, we customized the card template. We decided that the only pieces of information we really need to see on the cards are description, due-date and task number (to specify the sequence of actions). Using colors we highlighted key initial tasks (blue) and key final tasks (red). To keep everything in one place and not forget about anything, we added necessary attachments to the cards and created detailed to-do lists.

Online Kanban Card for organizing business meeting

The best thing about our Kanban board when it comes to meetings is that it is absolutely reusable. We can clone tasks as well as board template. After each meeting we will evaluate our work and try to find ways to improve. Kanban board will help us develop simple routines for preparing successful business meetings.

Time wasters – What kills our productivity at work? 31 Jan 2013

These days no one can afford to waste time at work. We need to speed up and improve our productivity at work in order to achieve better results, beat the competitors and survive. Productivity experts have come up with many effective ways to accomplish more in less time. However, even the best time management practices will not be able to help you, if you are still wasting time on pointless actions.

  • Emails
    There is no doubt emails are a convenient way to communicate. However, sometimes it is much simpler just to have a short face to face or telephone conversation instead of sending back and forth emails. Plan a short meeting to explain the problem and answer all questions.
  • Ineffective Multi-Tasking
    There’s a limit to how many things you can do at once without taking away from the quality of your work and, ultimately, slowing down the process. Use priorities and set work in progress limits to avoid bad consequences of multi-tasking.
  • Meetings
    It is estimated that 50% of all time spent in meetings is wasted. What can you do make your meetings more productive? First of all, make sure you really need a meeting: if what you have to say can be easily shared in an email to the group, why get people away from their work? If you definitely need to meet you team, remember that the meeting should have a goal. Put the purpose of the meeting into an agenda and distribute it to attendees before the meeting starts. Finally, choose the meeting moderator who will ensure that the participants remain focused on important problems.
  • Non-work related Internet Surfing
    Surfing the Internet is a common way to have a quick break from work. It is much better to leave this type of search for your lunch break or the end of the work day.
  • The awareness of our bad habits can help us improve the productivity at work. Here, we've presented only some of the most common time wasters. Let us know what is your and what you do to combat it.

Top 7 Changes in Kanban Tool09 Jan 2013

We have been working working really hard to provide the best Kanban application for teams and businesses and last year was really busy for us. During that time we have released a bunch of new features and improvements. To help you get to know the best of them, we have created a list of top 7 changes in Kanban Tool in 2012.

  • Kanban Boards Redesign
    We have changed the look and feel of Kanban Tool. New design has lighter and more delicate colors to let you focus on what is most important.
  • File Attachments
    You can now easily attach and share images, videos, documents and whatever you want with your team members. File attachments are available on the Unlimited plan only.
  • Adding Tasks From Email
    This feature is perfect if you use many devices and want to quickly add new tasks to your board.
  • Moving Tasks Between Boards
    Monitoring large process on single board can be hard. But since Kanban Tool allows you to move tasks between boards you can use as many boards as you need and just move tasks between them. You can also copy and move tasks within one board using the "Move to" option from card dropdown menu.
  • Kanban Library
    We gathered and carefully selected links to the best Kanban and Scrum resources from leaders, experts and brightest minds in the Kanban sphere. It is definitely the first place to visit if you want to develop knowledge on visual project management, Kanban and Scrum.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    Keyboard shortcuts makes working with Kanban Tool even faster. Just hit "N" to create a new task or Ctrl+Enter to save and close opened card. Check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts for even more.
  • Column and Swimlane Policies
    With column and swimlane policies you do not need to train people before they start working with Kanban board. You can write a column or swimlane policy that describes the rules and how to use it.

We have also made many improvements to make Kanban Tool even better. Boards work much faster and support mobile devices. You can fully customize them with collapsible columns, subcolumns and swimlanes. Each card has a separate URL for easier sharing. You can also get more insight into the process with improved reports and charts on Analytics page.

Kanban Tool was doing also very well in terms of security and reliability. Our uptime for 2012 was 99,98%. Only 2 times during this year our tool was down for longer than 15 minutes. As always, all major updates were made during the weekends only, to let you work without any interruptions.

We want to thank you very, very much for all your love and support. We received tons of emails from you with really valuable feedback and suggestions on how to make Kanban Tool even better. We are really proud to have far the best customers and users in the world! We promise to work even harder in 2013 to provide the very best service possible! We hope that you share our vision of Kanban Tool and like the changes we have made. As always, feel free to send us your feedback. We really love to hear your comments and suggestions.

You might expect important changes in Kanban Tool in the first and second quarter of 2013.
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Truly yours,
Kanban Tool Team

New Kanban Board design02 Jan 2013

Since launch in late 2009, we have been making only small and gradual improvements to the kanban board design. This was good, but over time the technology has advanced and it was a high time to make bigger change to keep our boards pretty and appealing. The update is now live on all accounts, and I hope you will like it as much as we do!

Kanban Board Switcher

The design update brings a fresh new look to Kanban Boards. They are much lighter and more friendly than before. To keep things simple, we've decided to leave most of the navigation where it was before, making only small modifications.

Kanban Board Switcher Starting from the top left, we have replaced the 'Dashboard' text with small home icon which takes you back to the dashboard. Next to it, you will find the current board name. Clicking on it will open the board switcher which you can use to switch between recently used boards.

New board header - left part The main menu was mostly left unchanged. It has following links:
Board link taking you back to your board
Analytics section with Breakdown chart, Lead & Cycle Time, Cumulative Flow Diagrams and Changelog
Archive page listing all archived tasks
Settings page where you can customize your board layout, card types and card template
Exit taking you back to Dashboard.

New board header - right part On the right, you will find links to feedback, tools menu and the searchbox. Tools menu has some goodies inside. From it you can: subscribe to RSS to stay posted about any changes on the board, import or export cards to Excel or CSV, send tasks with due dates to calendars (Outlook / iCal / Google or other) or even generate email address which you can use to add tasks from email. There is also a link to our express Kanban board tutorial. Search box allows you to search for card titles, card types, tags, assignees, task ID and custom fields.

With Kanban Tool, you can now fully focus on getting things done instead of managing your work. As well as the above highlights, we have added a small but useful feature: You can enter numeric values (like revenue, cost, age etc.) in custom fields and generate reports basing on that. Custom numeric fields

We hope you like our new design!
Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. We are happy to receive your feedback.

Moving tasks between boards and other improvements09 Oct 2012

For those who manage multiple projects, we have added an option to move tasks between boards. To access this feature, open popup menu for card you want to move and choose „Move to” from the list. Then, specify where the card should be moved, choosing target board, workflow stage and swimlane:

Moving tasks between kanban boards

After the grace period, support for attachments is now enabled by default for all Unlimited plan subscribers. As a bonus, we have added image attachments preview:

Image attachments preview

Another feature we have added is the new keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F enables you to quickly toggle between normal and full-screen card description view.

And that's not all - we have managed to significantly shorten the board loading time, so even large boards should load fast now.

We hope that all these improvements will positively affect your work. Should you have any questions or suggestions about them, please let us know by sending feedback.

Support for attachments and better tags19 Sep 2012

We have been recently receiving many suggestions about adding support for attachments, and we are proud to announce that this has been now implemented and released as an experimental feature for all Unlimited plan subscribers.

If you are Unlimited plan subscriber, you can enable attachments on board "Settings" > "Card Template Editor" page. With task attachments you can store all relevant information together and easily share it with your team.

We have also made visual improvements to the task tags field. It's auto-completing and much easier to use now. file attachments for kanban cards

Maintenance release02 Sep 2012

Today we have released a maintenance update of Kanban Tool. Along with fixing some minor bugs, it has addressed the discrepancy between user and task identifiers as seen on the website and in the API.

Because of this, the task IDs as seen in Excel and CSV export had to be shifted by 20 positions, and you may need to adjust spreadsheet formulas to account for that.

If you encounter any problems with this update or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

Comment about recent connectivity issues affecting some accounts31 Aug 2012

Today a power issue has affected the datacenter where part of our infrastructure is hosted, making some accounts and our homepage inaccessible for about an hour. This issue should be fully resolved at this time.

If your account was affected we sincerely apologize for the trouble and thank you for your patience and understanding. We work hard to provide the highest uptime possible, and aim for 99.95% service availability.
If you are still experiencing any connectivity issues please contact us with the feedback form or email

We have received the following Incident Report from datacenter facility:

Subsequent to the utility power failure at our Cedar Knolls facility the generator that powers systems A and D did not start automatically. Manual intervention was required to get generator power running. Unfortunately before the generator was manually engaged customers on these systems experienced a complete power loss. We are still investigating why the generator did not engage automatically. Utility power has been restored, and transfer back to utility was successful.

Keyboard shortcuts and improvements in Kanban analytics22 Aug 2012

Over the weekend we have successfully released some new features. Now you can work faster and save your time by using keyboard shortcuts on Kanban Board view.

Try out following shortcuts:
N for adding new tasks
Ctrl + Enter for saving and closing existing task or for creating and closing new tasks
Ctrl + Shift + Enter for saving changes to the existing Kanban card or for creating and adding next new task
Esc for closing card without saving
Ctrl or Shift + arrow (up or down) for navigating between swimlanes
Ctrl + number (from 1 to 9) for navigating between swimlanes, eg. Ctrl + 2 scrolls to the second swimlane

Understanding the meaning of Kanban metrics is a key for analyzing your workflow and improving your performance. To make Kanban charts and diagrams easier to understand we have added short help for each of them with a link to more resources directing to the Kanban Library. Furthermore, you can now mark a column as Backlog/Inventory, In Progress, Waiting or Done to generate even more insightful reports.

Another enhancement is easier way of collapsing columns when you are working with large boards. You can now always collapse or expand column by clicking on it's label. Additionally, you can now move cards to collapsed columns by dragging them over and holding until the column expands.

Finally, we have added description field to workflow stages and swimlanes which you can use to describe the lane policy or just to put some notes in.

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

New features: Kanban Tool Support section and user import06 Aug 2012

Recently our web development team has expanded and has speed up the development of new features in Kanban Tool. This week we have released a bunch of new features:

We have released Kanban Tool Support section with collection of answers to frequently asked questions, and other useful information about Kanban Tool. We plan to gradually expand this section with new questions and answers.

You can add new users to Kanban Tool by importing their details from CSV / excel. If you have a CSV file with people you would like to add to your account, you can import them at once instead of adding each person individually.

Another useful feature is a random password generator. If you do not want to think of new password each time you invite people to your account, password generator will help you create strong random passwords.

Last new feature is automatic link detection in Kanban task comments, which makes such links clickable.

We hope you enjoy the latest changes and, as always, feel free to send us feedback.

New features: Kanban board switcher & improvements to analytics 30 Jul 2012

Over the weekend we have released some new features.
Kanban board switcher allows you to save more time and easily switch between boards:

Kanban board switcher

Extended set of filters for Kanban board analytics gives you more information when working with different sized tasks.

Kanban board analytics filters

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

Kanban Library - a collection of resources on Kanban 05 Jun 2012

Understanding the basic elements of Kanban is a vital step in boosting your productivity with KanbanTool. Until now resources on Kanban have been scattered across many websites, and to help you with research, learning and sharing knowledge, we have decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and created a robust collection of links to the best resources from Kanban leaders and experts.

Take a look at the brand new library section to learn from the best.

We also wish to engage everyone in making Kanban Library the best place to look for high-quality Kanban articles, videos and presentations. You are welcome to make your own contribution to the base, suggest interesting materials and share your experience on Kanban.

KanbanTool - Start-up Winner08 May 2012

We are happy to announce that the KanbanTool Team has been awarded by the jury of ”Start-up Boot Camp” The First Price For The Best Start-up With Global Potential. The contest „Start-up Boot Camp” has been organized for a second time by the Polish American Council of Cooperation during the „II New Economy Forum”.

We would like to sincerely thank the organizers and the jury of “Start-up Boot Camp” for the award. In addition, we would like to express our gratitude to all our customers for encouraging the development of the KanbanTool.

Kanban Tool Start-up Winner

Email integration and CSV export for cumulative flow26 Mar 2012

New time-saving features are now ready for use! In the latest update we have focused on two cool improvements.
From now on, you can add tasks and comments via email. It is a simple way of managing your work anytime and from anywhere.

Kanban board email integration

Secondly, we have improved analytics. Your are now able to export data from cumulative flow chart to CSV file, download and save it on your computer.

Kanban Tool CSV export for cumulative flow

The missing menu12 Mar 2012

Over the weekend we have released an update which adds popup menu to individual cells on Kanban board. This allows you to easily move, archive and sort tasks on boards with multiple swimlanes. To open it, just right-click or ctrl-click on some empty space around your tasks:

Missing menu in Kanban Tool

Kanban Board performance improvements and tweaks05 Mar 2012

We are happy to announce that over the past weekend we have released few tweaks and performance improvements to online Kanban boards:

  • The major improvement is in the speed of most common operations. You should see cards opening faster, and the service being even more responsive than before.
  • We have also added more fields to the CSV import feature, making it easy to import tasks with multiple attributes in one go.
  • Another, quite substantial tweak, is in the user's naming scheme.
    Until now, all usernames in the system had to be unique. Since we have over 12.000 users registered, most common names and variations were already taken. We have decided to remove this limitation. Now usernames need to be unique only inside given domain / account. This allows for greater flexibility and allows you to comply with any specific user account naming requirements you may have.

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

11 New Card Colors27 Feb 2012

Your kanban board can now be even more colorful: we have just added 11 new and fresh card colors. And our Kanban cards are now available in 22 colors! Visualizing your work with Kanban Tool has never been easier. Enjoy.

11 New Kanban Card Colors

Custom Kanban Card Fields - New Features 23 Jan 2012

We have just released few, long awaited features.
Now you can customize Kanban cards even further with dropdowns and date picker as custom fields:

Kanban card template custom field type
Kanban card view custom field type

What's more, we have added some complementary improvements to "Analytics". You can now view a breakdown chart of custom fields:

Kanban analytics custom field type

Kanban in 4 easy steps reached over 50.000 views16 Jan 2012

Our presentation "Kanban in 4 easy steps" has just reached over 50.000 views, 36 favorites and 260 downloads. It has been awarded a Top Presentation of the Day and featured on SlideShare homepage. A must see.

A gift for Christmas 24 Dec 2011

We have prepared a small Christmas gift for all. Starting from today you can enforce the use of secure connection (HTTPS) when working with Kanban Tool. This is an account-level setting and will have effect for all users.
So if you store some state secrets, like current location of Santa Claus, you can enable this option to make sure all users are connecting with Kanban Tool in the most secure way possible.

Account settings page

All communication is encrypted with 256-bit key length, which is even stronger than the one currently used by Google, and even Santa can't break it to sniff your data.

Have a great Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 23 Dec 2011

We would like to thank you for using our solutions and wish you a joyful, merry and relaxing Christmas time.


API Bindings & Kanban presentation18 Dec 2011

We have recently published API Bindings for jQuery, which should help developers to interact with Kanban Tool from JavaScript. You can find them in our official GitHub repository on

We have also posted a short and (we hope) funny introduction to Kanban on SlideShare:

And finally, we have updated our API documentation with some examples of how to interact with Kanban Tool API directly from your browser:

API Update11 Dec 2011

We have added some new methods to our API, which will allow you to read recent board activity and interact with Comments and ToDo lists. They are explained on the freshly redesigned API documentation page.

We are also finishing works on the new API bindings for JavaScript which will allow you to build custom online solutions on top of the Kanban Tool platform.

New dashboard UI and updated system architecture11 Oct 2011

Over the weekend we have released a major update to our system architecture. This concludes over a month of work and preparations and creates a solid ground for future development and growth of Kanban Tool. We are now running on a cutting edge platform which provides better support for new browsers, improved performance and allows for ease of future development

Apart from tech changes we have greatly improved dashboard look and feel, which has been re-designed to be more modern, friendly and easy to use. Adding new team members is now also much faster and simpler - you can invite them directly from the sharing page.

Other areas which have been improved include:

  • - faster board loading times,
  • - new board cloning feature,
  • - more distinctive way of moving boards between folders,
  • - drag&drop placeholder for tasks,
  • - full support for drag&drop on iPad,
  • - and many other small tweaks which will make your work more efficient.

We would love to hear what you think about latest changes.
Your feedback is really valuable for us and influences the future development of Kanban Tool.

the Kanban Tool Team

Duplicating tasks and better iPad support14 Aug 2011

By a common request we have added a way to duplicate tasks. Duplication preserves all task attributes including subtasks, and creates an exact copy just below the original task. To try it, click on the new "Duplicate" entry in task context menu: Duplicating tasks in Kanban Tool

We have improved the experience for all iPad users. It's really amazing how intuitive dragging tasks with your finger is! We have also fixed few minor bugs with iPad version of Safari.

Another small tweak requested by many users was ability to move the opened card to see what's under it.
Just catch it at the top and drag anywhere you like:

As usual, if you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

Toolbar button for Google Chrome10 Jul 2011

We are happy to announce another goodie for Google Chrome users - a toolbar button which lets you add tasks to multiple boards without losing the stream of consciousness. It can be installed from here.

Also, some people reported problems when importing tasks with external IDs. This issue should be fixed now.

We are constantly improving our service to better meet your needs. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

External task IDs26 Jun 2011

By a common request, we have added an external identifier field for tasks. You can enable it on the "Board Settings" > "Card Template" page. kanban card template external ID

We are constantly improving our service to better meet your needs. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

A bunch of new features and Chrome app12 Jun 2011

We have slightly extended board analytics section so you can now get breakdowns filtered by card type: kanban analytics breakdown chart

CSV import file format is now being remembered between imports. This should be helpful when doing regular imports from the same source.

You can now specify the default task size in the card template editor: task size

We have added a new API method, listing users and permissions for given board.

And finally, for those who are using Google Chrome, we have prepared a dedicated application which can be installed in your browser and will act as a shortcut to your account:

We are constantly improving our service to better meet your needs. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

Full screen task description editor, direct links and notifications15 May 2011

Basing on your feedback we have implemented the full screen editor for task descriptions. You can now easily view and edit long task descriptions. To open it, simply click on the screen icon in the editor: full screen icon for cards card in a full screen view

As you might have noticed, from some time we also support direct task links. Once you open the task view, you can copy the URL and share it with others. kanban card unique urls

If you want to receive email notifications about tasks which are being assigned to you, you can now opt-in to them in the "My Info" » "Edit my details" section: email notifications for better team collaboration

We are constantly improving our tool to better meet your needs. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

Tasks import and SSL support20 Feb 2011

Basing on your feedback we have implemented the tasks import feature. You can use it to easily add many tasks in one go or import them directly from CSV/Excel file. The link is available in board "tools" menu: import to kanban board

Secure connections using SSL protocol are now also fully supported.
Simply change the http:// to https:// in your browser's address bar to activate it: secure kanban boards

We are constantly improving our online kanban boards to better meet your needs. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback. In next release we plan to focus on improvements to the email notifications and our systems architecture.

API and comment notifications13 Feb 2011

1. We are happy to announce first public beta of Kanban Tool API!
You can use it to push and pull information between Kanban Tool and your own applications, allowing to fully integrate it with your existing systems and workflow.
Preliminary API developer documentation is available on The full API will be rolled out in phases, basing on your feedback, with all changes being backward compatible.
For a limited time, the API is open to all users, but eventually any write access will be restricted to paid accounts only. Reading data from API will remain open for all account types.

So generate your unique API key on the "My Info" » "API access" page, and start tinkering :) API token

2. Email notifications for task comments
We have received a lot of suggestions about adding email notifications support to Kanban Tool.
So we have started with adding notifications for task comments:
comment notifications and plan to add notifications for other events in short future.

We hope you like the new features. We are constantly improving our online kanban boards to better meet your needs. In next release we plan to focus on the import feature and possibly more notifications.

Read-only access and more sharing options30 Jan 2011

A long awaited feature has been implemented - you can now fine tune kanban board access permissions for individual users:

Kanban Tool is becoming a paid service2 Jan 2011

In recent months Kanban Tool has been growing very rapidly, becoming one of the largest and most commonly recommended online kanban solutions. We are happy we could keep it free for so long, but in order to keep up with fast pace, we had to make this big decision:

We are excited to announce introduction of paid plans. Money from them will be used to provide even better user experience and to implement new features. They will come back to you with improved efficiency of your work, which we are sure to provide. The plans range from free to enterprise level, and the pricing is really great comparing to other offers on the market. As promised, we are also giving discounts to all existing users who have contributed to making Kanban Tool better.

If you are existing customer, please login to your account as administrator to get more details and upgrade instructions. You need to subscribe to one of the offered plans within 30 days.

Dynamic labels and other Christmas goodies5 Dec 2010

We have released a bunch of cool new features today:

  1. Export to calendar which allows you to view all tasks and due dates in your favorite organizer software
    (like Outlook, iCal, KOrganizer, Evolution and many other). calendar
  2. Dynamic floating labels which will help you to navigate across large boards.
    dynamic labels
  3. Swimlane name, card type and progress in excel export.
    export to csv
  4. New tools menu with export to calendar and subscribe to RSS feed links.
    tools menu

We have also finally fixed the issue with accented letters in excel export and made some other small improvements to make Kanban Tool even more friendly, reliable and easy to use.

New design of public pages29 Nov 2010

The new, updated look and feel of public pages is live. We hope you like it!

Organise your work using swimlanes4 Oct 2010

New release is live! You can now use horizontal swimlanes to organise your work:

swimlane workflow kanban board with swimlane

As usual, we've also made some other small improvements to make Kanban Tool even more friendly, reliable and easy to use.

Better support for touchscreens (iPhone/iPad/Android), due dates and external links12 Sep 2010

New release is live!
We have improved support for touchscreen devices. When you tap extended context menu will appear: card popup menu

Another improvement is addition of two card fields - "External link" and "Due date" - which can be enabled on "Settings"-> "Card Template" page. kanban card template due date on kanban card external link on card

If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback.

Custom Card Fields30 Aug 2010

Another bunch of new features is live!
You can now customize your cards even further - hide any unneeded fields and define up to five custom ones. Those options are available on board "Settings" -> "Card Template" page: custom field 1 custom field 2 custom field 3
We have also made some other minor changes:

  • archived tasks are no longer counted towards last column's limit,
  • improved usability of to-do lists,
  • collapsed board columns now display card count and limits.
As usual, we've also made some other small improvements to make Kanban Tool even more friendly, reliable and easy to use.

Cycle and Lead Times22 Aug 2010

Over the past month we have received many inquiries regarding the measurement of cycle time with Kanban Tool. It wasn't easy - you had to use Little's law to deduct it from Cumulative Flow chart.
But it's going to change now as we've added support for cycle/lead time calculations:

To-do lists for tasks9 Aug 2010

Ever missed the detailed to-do lists / subtasks for tasks? You will find them in the latest update!
From now on, you can easily define a to-do checklist for each of your tasks and track its progress: card to-do

Workflow templates and custom card types6 Jun 2010

In the latest update we have focused on two long awaited features.
From now on, you can choose from a set of workflow templates when creating new boards. What's more, you can duplicate the structure of any other boards you've created before: kanban board templates
A lot of people wanted to have more card types. Now you can create as many of them as you like! To make this even better, in the next week we will add a bit more card colors to choose from. kanban card types

We've also made some other minor improvements to make Kanban Tool even more friendly, reliable and easy to use. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by sending feedback..

Board tour and export to excel24 May 2010

The latest update adds a board tutorial and export to excel feature: actions pane kanban board tutorial

We have also fixed some bugs and did minor tweaks to other areas.

New release makes sharing even easier!8 May 2010

new online kanban boards task look
We have received a lot of questions about what are projects for and how to share Kanban Board with other people. Our initial idea was that you should group things by "projects" to which they belong and that you would only want to share "projects" and not the individual Kanban Boards.

This had caused a lot of confusion, so we've decided to simplify things a bit. To that end, we've dropped the notion of "projects" and replaced it with "folders". We hope this sounds more clear as the real purpose of projects was to group things up. What's more, you can now share any dashboard item, including Kanban Boards and Notes.

We've also made some other minor improvements to make Kanban Tool even more friendly, reliable and easy to use. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by .

Cool features in the latest release19 Apr 2010

An improved card view: new online kanban boards task look

More filters for breakdown charts and cumulative flow: cumulative flow for online kanban board

And a new "size" field on kanban cards, which should help you get the most from kanban board analytics in case your tasks require different level of effort to complete.

Latest release - summary of features10 Apr 2010

In the latest release we have added "account" tab in main navigation. It is visible only to account owners and has lots of goodies inside:

  • Account settings - view and modify your account settings (including name).
  • Usage report - get quick insight into some statistics about your account.
  • and probably the most exciting feature: CNAME domain alias support!
    Now you can access your Kanban Tool account directly from your own domain.

We hope you like the new features. We are constantly improving our free online Kanban tool to better meet your needs. In the next release we plan to focus on extending and improving kanban board analytics.

Latest release - summary of features28 Mar 2010

In the latest release made on Thursday we have added several useful features and improvements.
Below is a short summary of what has changed:

  • You can prioritize tasks. Each card will be marked with icon to indicate it's status:
  • You can click on a shortcut icon to get to the card comments tab, or hover mouse over it to see how many comments were made:
    kanban card comment
  • You can track all changes with the detailed board changelog. What's more, you can subscribe to it by RSS and also view each individual task history. You can find it in kanban board Analytics.
  • If you like working with Excel / Numbers, you will love the CSV export feature we have added to the archive and changelog pages.
  • We've also made some other minor improvements to make Kanban Tool even more friendly, reliable and easy to use. If you encounter any problems with the new features or have suggestions how to make Kanban Tool better, please let us know by .

Welcome to Kanban Tool blog25 Mar 2010

Kanban Tool blog

Welcome to our brand new blog! This is a perfect moment to share some positive statistics we've gathered so far. We are very proud to say that:

  • We have received tons of emails with suggestions and feedback
  • 94% of our customers ideas have been accepted for implementation
  • 72% of ideas and suggestions have already been implemented
  • 64% of received emails started from positive words about Kanban Tool.
    (Thank you! We really appreciate it.)
  • Every 2-3 weeks we try to update our online application to meet your needs.

Kanban Tool aims to be the easiest to use online tool for task and project management, both for team and personal use. We are going to use this blog to share with you the latest news, updates and tutorials. You can also find us on twitter and facebook.

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