DevOps Kanban

Learn how to help your organization apply Kanban to software engineering, quality assurance and technology operations to rapidly produce quality software products and services. With stress on constant flow of work, communication, collaboration and integration, Kanban is becoming the method of choice for software development teams.

Kanban for Sysadmin

Adoption of agile and lean principles in web and software development is constantly increasing and recently experiences tremendous success. There are lot of articles, conferences, case studies and other types of information on how to apply lean processes in software development. But there is hardly any information for sysadmins and system & operations teams. Read more »

Kanban is a lean approach to agile software development

What is Kanban? Kanban comes from Japanese and means “visual card”. It was first introduced by Toyota and implemented in production over a half century ago. Recently Kanban has been popularized by David Anderson in software development and quickly spread for other industries and branches. Kanban is a process tool that can provide incredible results if applied and used correctly and in a right context. Read more »

Why Kanban for software engineering matters

Working in highly demanding and extremely fast changing software development market requires different type of working. Project managers, software developers and testers are quite often working on more than 2 projects simultaneously. In this situation you need to know what is the most important project in particular moment and quickly switch to the project of higher importance. Kanban is the perfect solution to this problem as you can prioritize tasks on the go and work on the most important work first. Read more »

What is Kanban in software development?

Kanban in software development is quite easy to implement but a bit more difficult to maintain. It is because there are always problems and bottlenecks appearing that do not allow the work to flow smoothly. Moreover, some developers can work faster than testers and it is a typical situation in which a bottleneck happens. This article explains in detail how Kanban reveals bottlenecks immediately, allowing a project manager to solve them before they become a problem. Read more »

Applying Kanban to IT Processes (Part 5)

by Eli Weinstock-Herman
In the last article of this series, Eli Weinstock-Herman discusses some of the most popular issues with implementing Kanban and brings the concept of continuous improvement closer to our understanding. Read more »

How To Get Started With Kanban In Software Development

by Derick Bailey
The author shares his lessons-learned from implementing Kanban into a software development environment. In this article, he explains how to introduce the core concepts of Kanban into an existing system. No matter if you are currently using Scrum, RUP, XP or Waterfall, all you need to do is to follow four basic steps: define and visualize your process, limit work in process (WIP), pull not push, monitor and improve. Read more »

Beyond Scrum: Lean and Kanban for Game Developers

by Clinton Keith
Recently Scrum has become a first choice for game developers. They quickly discover the value of Scrum agile development – improved velocity. But they also quickly notice that when starting a project the value of Scrum diminishes. Some teams abandon Scrum and look for alternatives or go back to Waterfall. This article describes how to handle situations like this and instead of leaving Scrum the author suggests trying Kanban or Scrumban, which is a mix of Kanban and Scrum. Read more »

Kanban Applied to Software Development

by Kenji Hiranabe
This article answers the question of why Kanban method, which originates from the manufacturing industry and Toyota Production System, is today widely used to manage software development processes. The author explains two important things. First of all, what is meant by lean manufacturing Kanban. Secondly, what is a Kanban software development approach and what are its possible applications. Moreover, the text presents a comparison between Kanban in lean manufacturing and in software development management. Read more »