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Workflow overview

Kanban Tool offers lightweight project management that enhances team collaboration. Easily overview and monitor the workflow of your project. Always know what your team is doing and where the problems and blockers are. Collaborate with your teammates smoothly and stay up to date with project changes.

Kanban Tool Onsite for Project Management

Kanban Tool OnSite Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Metrics and analytics are indispensible in Kanban's implementation of continuous, incremental and evolutionary changes. Cumulative Flow will let you spot any bottlenecks in the workflow and estimate the delivery of projects. You'll also be able to check the team's pace by gathering information from Lead & Cycle Time. Use these metrics to evaluate workflows and introduce suitable adjustments.

Custom card templates

Customize your Kanban cards to display only the information you need. Use due dates, unique IDs, tags, external links, priority, task sizes and assignees. All that information will be available at a glance on cards from the board view. Need more? Use custom fields to add date pickers, dropdown lists, additional deadlines, external links and more. You are in charge of what data is to be displayed within task cards.

Kanban Tool OnSite Cards

Kanban Tool OnSite Swimlanes


Swimlanes are the horizontal lanes that allow you to add another dimension to the processes. You may categorize your current workflow by different projects, priorities, teams, users or status. Swimlanes will make it easier for you to navigate and monitor your workflow.

System control

Our On-Site application allows you full control over the software - that means extra juice for administrators. Your Kanban Tool instance will be safe behind your own firewall. System overview and Munin statistics will help you monitor performance of the appliance. On top of that, you will gain total control over the stored data. Backup and manage your data according to your own internal policies.

Kanban Tool Onsite System Control

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